Just when Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon wonder what she's called them for, Fujiko shows up, kicks their sukiyaki, has a firefight, and leaves them a present: the detonator plug to a pint-sized A-bomb. An aircraft museum which is restoring old aircraft is merely a cover: in fact, the aircraft a flying merchant of death, with an A-bomb manufacturing plant housed in its wings. The head man, Professor Lonebach, tries to seduce Fujiko by telling her that he will make her his first wife. Will Lupin let him get away with it?! Let the big aerial battle begin!!



  • In the Italian airing, the scene where Fujiko and Lonebach are talking to each other as she stripped her clothes was completely cut out and there is a freeze frame in the scene where Fujiko was talking to Lonebach in the Albatross however it is unknown what got cut out.


  • Was the first episode to be dubbed into English as part of Tales of the Wolf, this was later made into Greatest Capers. Apparently the reason why this episode was chosen along with Farewell My Beloved Lupin were because they were the cheapest to license at the time.
  • This episode ranked #2 in the Lupin III Best Selection rerun of favorite episodes, as chosen by Japanese fans.


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