Lupin has come to Monaco to race in the Grand Prix. Beforehand, when he goes to the casino to try his luck, he loses all his money, even his Formula One car. It turns out that he was set up by a fixer as part of a conspiracy aimed at the race, which involves forcing Lupin to race for the mob boss responsible for the set up because if Lupin wins, then everyone who bets on Lupin wins a lot of money since all the other are expected to bet against him.


  • The episode features Niki Lauda, a real-life driver who was on top of the Formula One racing world at the time. Lauda, in fact, was the winner of the Formula One Tour for 1977, a year after miraculously recovering from serious injuries suffered in a crash.
  • Socrates Nexus is most likely a reference to the shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.