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Memories of Flame: Tokyo Crisis is the 10th Lupin the 3rd TV Special.


In this outing, Lupin and Co. find themselves battling corporate bigwheel: Michael Suzuki. As Lupin tries to steal a set of rare photographic plates from Suzuki, an upstart journalist named Maria has begun to tackle her new assignment, which happens to be documenting none other than Zenigata himself. As the opening of Suzuki's new water park approaches, the gang soon finds out that Maria and Suzuki have a sinister history with one another.


Monday, July 27. 

Tokyo Crisis - Lupin escaping from the security guards.jpg

Inspector Zenigata is assigned to deliver a case filled with a set of valuble photographic plates to Tokyo. The two plates are called Tatsumi and Inui. The plates are the property of the multimillion aire Michael Suzuki who is about to open a water park in Tokyo. Lupin appears and attempts to steal the plates. Zenigata, accompanied by a large horde of officers chase the thief through the airport. Lupin manages to alude capture, but fails to get the plates. 

Tuesday, July 28. 

Lupin returns to his apartment in Tokyo. He calls for Jigen's help in stealing the plates from Suzuki, telling him that they are the key to the Tokugawa family fortune which would be worth trillions. Jigen however, declines the job, saying that he has a bad toothache. Jigen asks Lupin if he knows where Goemon is, but Lupin says that he can not get in contact with either Goemon or Fujiko. 

Meanwhile, Zenigata has successfully delivered Inui to a museum in Tokyo. Outside the museum Zenigata runs into Mariya, a young reporter who he has promised an interview. As the walk back to police headquarters, Lupin is digging through Zenigata's desk. He discovers a map with information on where Tatsumi will be sent, but as he is leaving the office, he runs into Zenigata and Mariya.

Tokyo Crisis - Mariya meets Lupin, disguised as Zenigata.jpg

Zenigata tries to catch Lupin. Suddenly an image of Zenigata tripping appears in Mariya's head and the reporters calls out for him to stop. Just as Mariya predicts, Zenigata trips on a bag of marbles Lupin has scattered over the ground. Zenigata attempts to handcuff Lupin, but gets Mariya instead. The inspector chases Lupin into the subway station, with Mariya following close behind, yelling at Zenigata to remove the handcuffs. In the subway station, Mariya has another vision of Zenigata getting shoved into the train door. Sure enough, moments later her vision is proven true. Zenigata is tossed off the train and Lupin escapes.

Later, Mariya is seen in her office the Tokyo File. It is revealed that her boss is Fujiko Mine. Fujiko tells Mariya that Zenigata is to one of the guards at the opening of Aquapolis, the amusement park funded and owner by Suzuki that is set to open in just 3 days. At home, Mariya is thinking about her past and her father when she has another vision of Zenigata falling off the edge of the highway. 

That night, Zenigata is preparing to send the second of the plates to another city. He is again interrupted by Lupin who is making a second attempt at taking the plates. However the truck carrying the plate is accompanied by four other trucks driven by men hand-picked by Suzuki.

Zenigata gets out of his truck and attempts to capture Lupin. He makes his way to Lupin's vehicle, only to discover that the thief has abandoned the truck and switch to a small car. Zenigata falls off the top of the truck and falls. Mariya drives up to him in her car and catches him just in time. 

The trucks make an aggressive attempt to force Lupin off the road. They eventually succeed, sending Lupin crashing into the dentist office where Jigen is getting his cavity treated. Jigen escapes with Lupin and the two make their way back to the highway. 

Tokyo Crisis - Lupin sitting on the Alpine.jpg

Jigen takes the wheel and Lupin makes his way over to the truck contain the plate. One of Suzuki's bodyguards is inside the truck and attacks Lupin. At the same time, a helicopter flies over the truck. Goemon leaps out of the helicopter, lands on the truck and makes off with the case containing the plates.

Lupin is surprised to see the samurai and seeing that Goemon has already escaped with the plates, retreats with Jigen. Zenigata attempts to follow them, but is asked to pull over by the police. 

Back at headquarters, the commissioners tells Zenigata that the mayhem caused by the incident would reflect badly on the department. He then suspends the inspector, taking his badge, cuffs and gun. 

Tokyo Crisis - Lupin and Fujiko splitting the deal.jpg

Lupin and Jigen meet Fujiko and Goemon at a bar. Fujiko reveals that she was the one piloting the helicopter and offers Lupin a chance to team up with her to get the treasure. Lupin is reluctant, but finally agrees to split the treasure 80-20 (with Fujiko getting 80). Jigen asks Goemon why he chose to work with Fujiko and asks him if he was seduced. Goemon shouts that, that would never happen and admits to Jigen that his Zantetsuken was stolen. 

Tokyo Crisis - Zenigata gets drunk at the bar.jpg

Meanwhile, Zenigata is at a street side bar with Mariya. He drinks heavily as he usually does when upset. He tells Mariya that the truck drivers were all Suzuki's men and that he had never ordered them to be so aggressive or to force Lupin off the road which is what led to most the chaos. He tell Mariya that he suspects Suzuki is hiding something. After a while, Zenigata passes out drunk and Mariya carries him back to his apartment. 

Tokyo Crisis - Zenigata and Mariya steakout.jpg

Wednesday, July 29 The next night Zenigata does a steakout outside Suzuki's company's building. Mariya joins him and the two wait outside the building, talking. Suddenly, Zenigata spots Fujiko talking to Mr. Suzuki and rushing inside, followed by Mariya. However, by the time they have entered the building, Fujiko and Suzuki have already gone upstairs to Suzuki's suite. Zenigata can't enter the building without his police badge so he is forced to wait in the lobby.  

Tokyo Crisis - Lupin getting jealous of Fujiko and Suzuki together.jpg

Lupin has already infiltrated Suzuki's suite and searches for the Inui plate. However, Fujiko and Suzuki arrive and he is forced to hide. Fujiko goes to the bathroom to take a shower and tried to buy Lupin time to escape, but ends up getting both of them caught. Suzuki reveals that the plate Goemon stole was a fake.

Elsewhere, Goemon and Jigen break into a warehouse to find Goemon's Zantetsuken. They end up failing however because neither of them are able to defend themselves, Jigen because of his toothache and Goemon because he is completely unarmed. 

Thursday, July 30

Tokyo Crisis - Lupin, Fujiko, Suzuki and his men in the elevator.jpg

Suzuki's men take Fujiko and Lupin into the elevator and plan to gas them, but Lupin has come prepared with gas masks. Mariya, once again seeing an imagine in her mind, leads Zenigata to the elevator, just in time to see Lupin and Fujiko being tossed out of the elevator by Suzuki's men. Suzuki's men draw their guns and begin shooting at the group. The escape and split up. Mariya wanders through the building, seemingly at random and comes across a door. Believing it has something to do with her past, she tries to get in. Zenigata opens the door and the two find themselves in a laboratory. 

Tokyo Crisis - Lupin, Zenigata and Mariya running from the shark.jpg

Lupin appears that gives them disguises. He tells them that Suzuki as been experimenting with genetic engineering. Mariya reveals that he father studied genetic engineering as well. Suzuki see the group through the security cameras and sends his men to kill them, he recognizes Mariya and tells his guards to catch her alive. They manage to escape the building, but are immediately arrested once they get outside. 

Friday, July 31 Mariya, however is quickly released and upon returning to her apartment, is kidnapped by one of Suzuki's men. Zenigata and Lupin manage to escape jail, Lupin stating that it was strange that Mariya was let out so early. Fearing she might be in danger, Zenigata heads to her apartment to find that it has been set on fire. 

Suzuki reveals to Mariya that he and her father had worked together on an experiment. Suzuki wanted to use their findings to create super soldiers and killed Mariya's father when he interfered with his plan. Suzuki explains that Mariya's intuision comes from a very unique DNA. He tells her he plans to use her egg cells to create his super soldiers that he will gain profit out of by selling them to foreign countries. 

Saturday, August 1 The next night, many VIP guests arrive at Suzuki's building for the opening of Aquapolis. The party is crashed by a group of men in black. They take Suzuki hostage and demand a getaway jet and a large sum of money from the government. They escape and it is revealed that the men all work for Suzuki. Zenigata catching wind of this, uses a motorcycle to catch up with the jet before it takes off. He handcuffs the wheel of the plane and manages to board. On board the jet, Zenigata tries to take on Suzuki's men. He is outmatched by the biggest of his bodyguards and pinned to the wall. Just then the plane tilts and turns around. Zenigata takes advantage of the moment to gain an upper hand. Suzuki goes to the pilot to see why they turned around. The pilot is actually Lupin in disguise. Lupin hands a bomb to Suzuki. The bomb does not kill the millionaire, but does destroy most of the controls so that the plane couldn't be turned around. 

Meanwhile, Jigen and Goemon are making a second attempt to retrieve the Zantetsuken. Jigen is punched by one of Suzuki's men and his cavity ridden tooth is spat out. At the same time, Goemon finds his Zantetsuken. With their problems solved, and prized possessions returned to them, they manage to easily defeat their enemies. 

Lupin and Zenigata take on Suzuki's men. Suzuki himself seems to have gone slightly insane and attempts to shoot everyone on the plane with a machine gun, nearly killing his own men. Suzuki's bodyguard takes the gun from him.

Goemon manages to slice the plane in half from the top of the ferris wheel and most of Suzuki's men fall into the ocean. Suzuki pulls out his handgun and tries to shoot Lupin, but his shot by Jigen and falls into the ocean. Lupin manages to land the plane safely.

Sunday, August 2 Suzuki's bodyguard holds a meeting with representatives from several foreign countries. The leaders protest that they can't start without Suzuki. The bodyguard removes his mask and reveals he was Suzuki the entire time and that the Suzuki that was killed was only a clone. The leaders are impressed and began placing orders on his cloning technology. 

Suddenly Lupin appears and takes, both the plates and the DNA tubes. He pushes the button on the elevator. The doors open and Zenigata followed by dozens of police officers, the commissioner and Mariya exit. They moving into arrest Suzuki, allowing Lupin enough distraction to escape. Suzuki asks how they knew that he was the real Suzuki and looks at Mariya, hinting that she was the one who had foreseen it. 

The commission is impressed by Zenigata's dedication and returns his gun, badge and cuffs. Mariya grabs the gun and aims it at Suzuki, much to the man's fright. Luckily, it wasn't loaded. Mariya smiles at Zenigata and he realizes she had known it wasn't loaded to begin with.


Tokyo Crisis - The gang run away from Zenigata.jpg

Lupin begins digging for the Tokugawa fortune. He opens the doors to what he believes is the vault, but turns out to be a door to the police station. Zenigata reveals that there is not treasure to begin with, possibly indicating that the plates were fakes planted by Zenigata all along. 

Tokyo Crisis - The gang in a stolen police car.jpg

They begin another chase and Mariya shows up to drive Zenigata. Mariya tells Zenigata that he reminds her of her father. Zenigata sighs, hinting that he had romantic affections for the girl, then yells at her to drive faster. 

Tokyo Crisis - Jigen and Goemon in the casino.jpg

Afterwards, Jigen and Goemon are seen in Vegas, playing the slots Fujiko is on a cruise ship and Lupin continues to travel around the world with Zenigata hot on his trail. Mariya adopts a dog and a picture of her and Zenigata is seen on her bedside.


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Gorō Naya
Michael Suzuki Kōichi Yamadera
Gondō Kōichi Yamadera
Mariya Isshiki Megumi Hayashibara

Additional Voices:[1]

  • Seinosuke Nakajima as Appraiser
  • Mika Takanishi as Newscaster
  • Sachiko Furuichi as Announcer
  • Kaori Kōmoto as Reporter
  • Yuzuru Fujimoto
  • Masato Hijikata
  • Masahiko Tanaka
  • Takashi Taguchi
  • Yutaka Aoyama
  • Mitsuru Ogata
  • Noriko Suzuki
  • Miyuki Ono
  • Takashi Yoshida
Italian ("Lupin III - L'unione fa la forza" [Mediaset] / "Tokyo Crisis
Memories of Blaze" / "Tokyo Crisis - l'unione fa la forza")
Characters Voice Actors
Edit S.r.l.
(Mediaset TV dub)
(DVD dub)
Lupin III Roberto Del Giudice Roberto Del Giudice
Daisuke Jigen Sandro Pellegrini Sandro Pellegrini
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Antonio Palumbo Antonio Palumbo
Fujiko Mine Alessandra Korompay‏‎ Alessandra Korompay‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Rodolfo Bianchi Enzo Consoli
Michael Suzuki Sergio Di Giulio Sergio Di Giulio
Gondō Vladimiro Grana Vladimiro Grana
Mariya Isshiki Gilberta Crispino
(as Maria)
Gilberta Crispino
(as Maria)

Additional Voices:

  • Gerolamo Alchieri as Police Chief (Edit S.r.l. dub)
  • Dario Penne as Police Chief (SEFIT CDC dub)
English ("Crisis in Tokyo")
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Sonny Strait
Daisuke Jigen Christopher R. Sabat
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Mike McFarland
Fujiko Mine Meredith McCoy‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Phillip Wilburn
Michael Suzuki Kent Williams
Gondō Bob Carter
Mariya Isshiki Susan Huber
(as Maria)

Additional Voices:

  • Chris Rager as Police Chief
  • Brandon McKinney
  • Caitlin Glass
  • Charmaine Payne
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Duane Deering
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Justin Pate
  • Kyle Hebert
  • Lauren Goode
  • Troy Baker



  • Laserdisc November 1998 (VPLY-70703, VAP)
  • VHS November 1998 (VPVY-64470, VAP)
  • DVD CD Packaging (VPBY-11139, VAP)
  • DVD DVD Packaging (VPBY-17786, VAP)
  • Blu-ray March 17, 2010 Lupin the Third: Lupin the BOX -TV Special BD Collection- (VPXY-71910, VAP)


  • VHS 2003 (Dynamic Film/Dynamic Italia, DI 10088)
  • DVD 2003 (Shin Vision)
  • DVD 2005 Lupin the 3rd Special DVD Collection - Tokyo Crisis: l'unione fa la forza (2LUP04, DeAGOSTINI/Dynit)
  • DVD 2009 Lupin the 3rd: Movie DVD Collection - Tokyo Crisis: l'Unione fa la Forza [Memories of Blaze] (DeAGOSTINI/Yamato Video, 1LM15)
  • DVD Lupin III: Film DVD Collection - Tokyo Crisis: l'unione fa la forza (N.17, Yamato Video)


  • DVD August 30, 2005 Crisis in Tokyo (Funimation)
  • Blu-ray December 29th 2020 (Discotek)

Translation Notes

The English and the Italian dubs renamed Mariya Isshiki to Maria. The reason for the change is unknown as Mariya in Japanese is "まりや" while Maria in Japanese is "マリア" and the character is of a Japanese heritage where Mariya is a given name. This also affects the English subtitles on the Funimation release with the Japanese audio however it is unknown whether Discotek corrected this error.

The English dub adds dialogue from Zenigata as he falls on top of Mariya, and has Zenigata talking in his sleep about Lupin (similar to in Part 2 Episode 13), as Mariya stays in his apartment with him.

In the English dub, the landlady addresses Zenigata as "Mr. Zenigata" instead of "Koichi"; in the Japanese original she calls him "Ko-chan".


  • This is one of the few instances where the narrative focuses on Zenigata rather than Lupin. The inspector is the first character introduced and received a much bigger role here than in any of the other specials.
  • This is also currently the only special in which the one-shot female protagonist does not side with Lupin or Jigen.
  • When Jigen lit up a cigarette and exploded, Lupin says that it was a cigarette shaped mini oxygen tank. This is a reference to Space Adventure Cobra where Cobra sometimes smokes cigars that contain oxygen.
  • In the TV Special, Lupin retrieved and threw out a DNA sample of himself. This plotline about Lupin not wanting to be cloned and considered himself as the original was in The Mystery of Mamo that featured a Lupin clone and Part III Episode 9 , which was about a doctor who wanted to make Lupin clones.
  • Zenigata's landlady addresses him as "Ko-chan" when he returns to his apartment, a reference to his first name "Koichi".


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