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the Last Job is the 21st Lupin the 3rd television special. It originally aired on February 12, 2010.


Has the intrepid Inspector Zenigata bitten the final bullet?

In the chaos following Lupin’s heist of a Buddha avatar statuette, Inspector Zenigata is mortally wounded in pursuit of the master thief. But Lupin’s not to blame; the maniacal supervillain Morgana intervened, swiping the Buddha figure, and sending “Pops” to his fate. Morgana is after the ancient power of the Fuma called Fujin, with the beautiful ninja Asuka also racing to find the secret to Fujin, but Fujiko Mine keeps reaching her hand into the pie and causing even more complications. What is Fujin, and who will wield its secret power?

Long Summary


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Gorō Naya
Asuka Kagurazaka Aya Hirano
Maya Romi Park
Morgana Masane Tsukayama
André Maxim Tesshō Genda
Loveless Keiji Fujiwara
Director Jacopetti Hirotake Nagata
Inspector Pasolini Tetsuo Gotō
Detective Leone Satoshi Mikami
Team Leader Becker Ryūzō Hasuike

Additional voices:[1]

  • Atsuhiko Yamada as Old Father
  • Toshihiko Minaki as Ninja
  • Masafumi Kishi as Paramedic
  • Hiroki Amemiya as Policeman A
  • Dai Imuta as Policeman B
  • Kyōko Sakai as Woman
Italian ("L'ultimo colpo")
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Stefano Onofri
Daisuke Jigen Sandro Pellegrini
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Antonio Palumbo
Fujiko Mine Alessandra Korompay‏‎‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Rodolfo Bianchi
Asuka Kagurazaka Letizia Ciampa
Maya Rachele Paolelli
Morgana Saverio Indrio
André Maxim Unknown
Loveless Unknown
Director Jacopetti Unknown
Inspector Pasolini Unknown
Detective Leone Unknown
Team Leader Becker Unknown


  • The Last Job is the sequel to the manga only stories in Lupin III H Volume 1 and Lupin III M Neo Volume 5 that first appeared in the Lupin III Official Magazine. Since these were not translated and not as accessible outside of Japan, it meant that Morgana's backstory is not explained as well as André Maxim's motive against Jigen in the TV Special. It also explains more of Asuka's backstory.
  • The manga adaptation that appeared in Lupin III H Volume 1 had only adapted the scenes in the church and on the secret base, André Maxim also appears briefly between the two scenes.
  • It was the final television special that featured Gorō Naya as Inspector Zenigata along with Eiko Masuyama as Fujiko and Makio Inoue as Goemon however it was not their final performance. Their final performance was Lupin Family Line-up and it was Goro Naya's last ever appearance as Zenigata as he passed away shortly after.
  • Likewise for the Italian dub, it was the last role of Sandro Pellegrini as Jigen before his death.
  • Both Asuka and Maya come from the Fuma Clan. The clan previous appeared in Part 2 Episode 36 and The Plot of the Fuma Clan.
  • This was the last TV Special to be animated in SD, starting from Blood Seal - Eternal Mermaid they were animated in HD.
  • The US Discotek release was going to be bundled with a DVD copy [1] however this was dropped to Blu-ray only. This was due to poor sales of Blood Seal of the Eternal Mermaid and Goemon's Bloodspray. [2]



  • DVD March 17, 2010 (VPBY-13422, VAP)
  • DVD the Last Job & Blood Seal - Eternal Mermaid (Futabasha)
  • Blu-ray March 17, 2010 Lupin the Third: Lupin the BOX -TV Special BD Collection- (VPXY-71910, VAP)


  • Blu-ray April 28, 2020 (Discotek, Japanese with English subtitles)


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  1. ルパン三世 the Last Job. (in Japanese)