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The First is the 6th Lupin the 3rd movie released on December 6, 2019. It was produced by TMS Entertainment and Marza Animation Planet, directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki. It is the first full CGI animated movie of the series.


Lupin III teams up with a woman named Laetitia to steal the Bresson Diary, a treasure that even the first generation Arsène Lupin could not steal.

Long Summary

Prof. Bresson holding his diary.

In Nazi-occupied France, archaeologist Professor Bresson entrusts his heavily trapped diary and an amulet containing the key to the book to his family. The diary is purported to be the guide to an immense treasure called the Eclipse, which a group of Nazis working for Ahnenerbe is seeking. Bresson is killed by the arriving Germans; his family escapes, but is chased down by Ahnenerbe professor Lambert, and ends up in a car crash which only the infant daughter survives. Lambert steals the amulet, but is unable to find the diary, which was lost during the chase.

A letter from Lupin announcing his plans in French.

In the 1960s, the diary resurfaces during a memorial exhibition in Bresson's honor. While the exhibition shows off the diary, a man that appears as a mailman rushes in with a card from one Arsene Lupin III, announcing that he will be stealing the book. The staff try to put the book back in the vault, and the mailman attempts to grab the book, but is stopped by a female security guard. She cuffs him, and calls out to Inspector Zenigata that the mailman is, indeed, Lupin himself. Zenigata grabs him, but Lupin smoothly escapes to the ceiling. The female guard is tasked to put the diary back, but en route to the vault, she escapes to the rooftop too, diary in hand.

Zenigata orders his men to catch Lupin before he escapes.

The security guard, Laetitia, hides on the rooftop. But her moment of tranquil is cut short when Lupin manages to get ahold of the diary himself. They both fight for the diary, with Laetitia blurting out that she knows more than he does. Eventually, after saving her from almost falling down, Lupin runs away and long jumps into the rooftop of another building and proudly claims that he now owns the diary, until suddenly Fujiko Mine arrives and takes it from his hands while on a helicopter. Lupin angrily yells at Fujiko until Zenigata arrives on the rooftop with his men, ready to capture Lupin at last. Zenigata orders them to capture Laetitia too, but she escapes by parachute; Lupin, meanwhile, is caught. A while after that, Laetitia talks to her "grandfather" on a walkie-talking while running, telling him how she failed to get the diary and she's not cut out to be a thief. He insults her before he closes off a deal they both apparently have.

Gerard stands tall in front.

Somewhere else in what appears to be a boardroom, a group of Ahnenerbe fugitives gather, with Lambert and their leader, Gerard. As Lambert discusses their "mission" and how they should open the Bresson diary at all costs, Fujiko arrives and delivers the diary herself. However, Gerard quickly discovers Fujiko's duplicity and has her detained.

Lupin and gang in the Fiat.

On his way to prison, Lupin is sprung by his friends Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII, but they both reject him when he asks if they could accompany Lupin in getting the Bresson diary back. In response, Lupin tells them that he will find the mythical treasure himself and only he will keep it, something Jigen merely scoffs at. Meanwhile, Lambert and Gerard attempt to open the diary with Lambert's one half of the key, but to no avail.

Lupin and Laetitia in her dimly lit apartment.

Laetitia enters her dark apartment and lies miserably on her bed, ashamed of the fact that she was turned into a thief. She was about to cry until Lupin appears out of nowhere. He reveals that he had attached a tracking device on her shoe. Lupin learns of her interest in being an archeologist and reveals his amulet, the other half of the Bresson diary's key, inherited to him from his grandfather. As Laetitia dresses up, she secretly contacts her grandfather again on the walkie-talkie, revealed to be Lambert. Laetitia expresses reluctance in joining forces with a thief, but Lambert threatens to cancel the deal of making her go to the Boston University of Archeology, so she is forced to accompany him.

Lupin is led by Laetitia to the fugitives' hideout, a customized transport plane, where they retrieve the book and the counterpart to Lupin's amulet. Lupin succeeds in opening the diary, and the two learn that the Eclipse is a power generator left behind by a highly advanced lost civilisation and is hidden in the ruins of Teotihuacan. Knowing Laetitia has led him into a trap, Lupin willingly surrenders to Gerard and Lambert. Fujiko uses Lupin as a diversion to escape on her own. Lupin sneaks back into the plane and eavesdrops on Gerard and Lambert, learning in the process that they are seeking none other than Adolf Hitler, who reportedly faked his death and escaped to South America during the fall of Berlin, and is now intending to use the Eclipse to resurrect the Third Reich.

When Laetitia, who has also overheard the conversation, confronts the two men, Gerard throws her out of the plane. Snatching the diary and the amulets back, Lupin jumps after her, and he and Laetitia are then rescued by Fujiko, Jigen and Goemon. Left stranded, Lupin summons Zenigata to his location and steals his Interpol helicopter. Zenigata manages to get back on board, and after learning of the stakes, he teams up with Lupin's gang and Laetitia to thwart the villains. During a stopover, Lupin reveals to Laetitia that he has deduced her to be Bresson's granddaughter and that Lambert adopted her only to get his hands on the diary and the Eclipse. He also discovers that his grandfather had actually helped Bresson find the Eclipse, but afterwards trapped the book to prevent the Eclipse from falling into the wrong hands.

Gerard and Lambert find the Eclipse's hiding place, but are unable to proceed past its traps without the diary, forcing them to return to where they left Lupin. Exploiting their absence, Lupin's team makes it past the obstacles, but are then forced to discover that their enemies' retreat was merely a ruse to clear the path to the Eclipse. Lambert and Gerard activate the Eclipse, which carries them and Laetitia back to the surface, but Lupin's team intercepts them before they can escape, scuttling Lambert's plane. Lambert uses the Eclipse to get the plane to fly again, and activates a micro black hole to finish off Lupin's team; believing them dead, and drunk with power, he claims the device for himself and incinerates the diary. When he prepares to use the Eclipse to destroy Berlin, Gerard fights him; when Laetitia takes control of the device, Gerard shoots at her, but Lambert takes the bullet for her and dies. Right afterwards, Gerard receives the news that Hitler has been located and takes the Eclipse and Laetitia to him.

When Gerard arrives at the Ahnenerbe headquarters, he meets with Hitler and the two depart on the Eclipse to test its capabilities. Left behind, Letitia discovers that Lupin's gang have beaten Gerard to the base with the help of Zenigata and Interpol, and Lupin has disguised himself as Hitler. Back on the Eclipse, Lupin reveals himself and Gerard attacks him, but Lupin tampers with the Eclipse controls to release a micro black hole directly inside the Eclipse. Gerard is sucked into the hole and perishes, while Lupin barely escapes with a gravity device he kept from the Teotihuacan ruins. After a fond but hasty good-bye to Laetitia - and gifting her with the gravity device and her enrollment into Boston - Lupin and his associates rush to escape Zenigata's ever-zealous attention.


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Daisuke Namikawa
Fujiko Mine Miyuki Sawashiro
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Kōichi Yamadera
Laetitia Bresson Suzu Hirose
Gerald Tatsuya Fujiwara
Lambert Kōtarō Yoshida
English Cast
Italian Cast
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Brazillian (Portuguese) Cast
Click on "Show" to view the cast
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Yuri Chesman
Daisuke Jigen César Marchetti
Goemon Ishikawa XIII André Sauer
Fujiko Mine Jacqueline Sato
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Luiz Antônio Lobue
Laetitia Bresson Bianca Alencar
Gerald Leonardo Camillo
Lambert Luiz Carlos de Moraes
French Cast[1]
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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Maxime Donnay
Daisuke Jigen Michel Hinderyckx
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Jean-François Rossion
Fujiko Mine Audrey Devos
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Robert Dubois
Laetitia Bresson Adeline Chetail
Gerald Laurent Bonet
Lambert Rémi Barnier
Spanish Cast[2]
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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Txema Moscoso
Daisuke Jigen José Manuel Oliva
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Omar Lozano
Fujiko Mine Lucía Aránega
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Rafael Ordóñez Arrieta
Laetitia Bresson Caridad Monrós
Gerald José Garcia Tos
Lambert Luis Porcar
Spanish (Latino) Cast
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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Carlos Ballarta
Daisuke Jigen Alfonso Obregón
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Gerardo Ortega
Fujiko Mine Jennifer Medel
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Octavio Rojas
Laetitia Bresson Erika Langarica
Gerald Alfredo Gabriel Basurto
Lambert Joaquín Cosío


  • Original work: Monkey Punch
  • Director: Takashi Yamazaki
  • Screenwriter: Takashi Yamazaki
  • Music: Yuji Ohno
  • Project Producer: Shūhei Katō, Ryōta Katō
  • Production: Tadashi Takezaki, Keiichi Sawa, Minami Ichikawa, Yoshirō Yasuoka, Yūji Kikukawa, Tatsuo Shimamura
  • Executive Producer: Hiroyasu Shinohara, Hibiki Ito, Shūji Abe
  • Producer: Kōji Nozaki, Naoaki Kitajima, Takeshi Itō
  • Assistant director: Takuya Hada, Takashi Nakajima
  • Art director: Toshiya Umeda
  • CG Supervisor: Takahiro Arakawa
  • Editor: Tomokazu Takahashi
  • Line Producer: Mayumi Tachikawa
  • Sound director: Yōji Shimizu
  • Sound effect: Akihiko Okase
  • Distribution: Tōhō
  • Production company: TMS Entertainment, Marza Animation Planet
  • Executive Production company: Marza Animation Planet, Nippon TV


TMS had already produced Lupin III 3DCG as part of the "Lupin III Master File" collection but when Monkey Punch was interviewed during the screening of Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie, he joked that “I’d like to see it in 3D next time.”

Production had started in summer 2015 when TMS and Marza Animation Planet (who at the time was not a division of TMS) had started planning with the goal to entertain kids as well as adults both in Japan and worldwide. Four plots were already developed forming a storyline when Takashi Yamazaki came in originally to supervise however he got permission from Shirogumi, where he worked to direct the film and ended up writing his own screenplay.

The character designs were developed for Lupin with about 30 designs in 2D with three of the most people being chosen by staff. After Lupin was finalized, the rest of the characters were being developed however there were problems when it came to Fujiko Mine due to her personality and character design. Over 10 outfits were produced for her but due to budget reasons, she only ended up having a couple (the green dress and the pilot outfit). The staff found it challenging adapting the 2D designs into 3D so two dedicated modelers came up with the models for the characters in ZBrush, the one that was the most expressive was chosen as every detail of the characters was taken into account. Lambert, Laetitia and Gerald were based on Yamazaki's sketches.

In 2016, the team had spent the year working on the script going through 12 drafts and Yamazaki drew rough storyboards. A team of storyboard artists including Kazuhide Tomonaga worked on this to develop an animatics reel over 90 minutes along. Unlike the traditional practice, they decided that the film would have a Hollywood approach regarding production and show the animatic reel to others for feedback. Also it was decided that the voice acting stage would start so the animation would match the lipsync, common in Western animation but rare in anime. The first recording was done in May 2017 and while most of the voice actors were a little hesitant, Kanichi Kurita however enjoyed it so much that he adlibbed some lines, some were made into the final product.

The first animatic was completed in June 2017 and it was shown to 100 people, there was a lot of criticism that ended up being over 100 pages long so a second was shown in September 2017 and then a third in November. Gerald's character design during this time was well received and had used that design in the film. Yamazaki then requested that the color scheme for the film would be influenced by “Bande Dessinée” (French comics).

After the third animatic, the animation had started. Previous CG animation had relied on motion capture however the staff decided that it would be difficult to express the movements of the series, so a small amount of staff was chosen to work on the characters instead of using the anime method of a large amount of animators within a small amount of time due to consistency issues. Over 20 production staff from 17 countries were hired for designers and artists. TMS had provided references for the characters for the facial expressions.[3]

The film was kept a secret until it was teased by Kiyoshi Kobayashi during the passing of Monkey Punch. On July 11, 2019, a Twitter account under the name @lupin_3rd_movie was created showing a poster of a 3D model of Lupin wearing Arsène Lupin's damaged hat and holding his cane. Sega, the parent company of both TMS and Marza also made a tweet later. A trailer was also created showing the characters and their designs.


Further Information: Home Media Releases/Movies#The First



  • There were multiple test designs that were made for Lupin before the final model was chosen. They include various designs based off his Part II Red Jacket look, TV Special Red Jacket with a serious facial expression (similar to but not referencing Walther P38), Green Jacket, a unique Black Jacket design with a cocky facial expression and various Blue Jacket designs including his Part IV look.
  • Originally in the Italian dub, Alessandra Korompay was going to be replaced by Joy Saltarelli as the voice of Fujiko who had been voicing the role since 1986 while the other cast members were kept the same during the announcement. She was not informed of the change and wondered why.[4] Due to fan outcry, she returned as the voice of Fujiko.
  • In an interview with Takashi Yamazaki, he mentioned that the film is inspired by The Castle of Cagliostro.[5] He was also personally inspired by Wings of Death - Albatross and Farewell My Beloved Lupin.[3]
  • In the first draft, Laetitia was originally stronger and knew Martial Arts.[3]
  • While Monkey Punch was unable to watch the film, he gave messages to Yamazaki during production such as “Thank you for this” or “I’m looking forward to it” when looking at the characters and the story. He officially made a comment in October 2018 saying “I’ve been looking forward to seeing Lupin III in 3DCG for a long time now. I saw the characters and story, and it looks like this new Lupin is going to have a whole new feeling to him. It’s exciting just imagining how the movie is going to turn out.”[3]
  • It was the first Lupin animation to have outsourced animation done in India.
  • In Latinoamerica it´s the first movie with two startalents, Carlos Ballarta Stand Up comedian as Lupin III and Joaquin Cosío as Lambert.


  • This was nominated for the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize for Animation of the Year along with Weathering with You, One Piece Stampede, Detective Conan: Fist of Blue Sapphire and Her Blue Sky. It had received an "Award of Excellence."[6]
  • The film was selected to be part of the Official Selection of the Annecy Festival 2020.[7]

Impact due to Coronavirus COVID-19

  • The original premiere in Italy was originally going to be on February 27, 2020 but was delayed to an unknown date. While a preview event was made featuring the Fiat 500 and the Lupin gang cosplayers, the actual premiere was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy and Anime Factory, distributors of the film in Italy did not want people getting infected. Since the virus is on-going and cinemas were closed globally, Anime Factory decided to release the film for home video and Amazon Prime instead.
  • Scotland was originally going to have its premiere via Scotland Loves Anime from the 7th November 2020 [8]however due to Coronavirus restrictions and closures of cinemas, the event had got cancelled. [9] Anime Limited who distribute the film in the UK hopes to have a theatrical release in 2021 however includes the option for a home release.[10] It was screened in the UK for one night only on 2nd June 2021 in Showcase Cinemas due to lifting of Coronavirus restrictions[11] and got a DVD/Blu-ray release on 30th August.
  • Spain also had its premiere delayed from May 15, 2020 to an unknown date due to unknown licensing reasons. It was eventually announced to be in cinemas on January 29, 2021 in Spanish, Catalan and Japanese with subtitles. [12]


  • The film is set in the 1960s in France, Mexico and Brazil intentionally making it a period piece unlike the rest of the series where it was set in the present or during an ambiguous time.


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