After a long time, invitations come from Lupin III, and Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko are reunited aboard the luxury liner Sirloin. But when Lupin appears afterward, he tells them that he was himself invited by Fujiko. Why have they received false invitations together with Inspector Zenigata? The moment of confrontation with Lupin's bitter enemy Mister X is approaching.


  • This episode is a direct sequel to the first series pilot and includes flashback footage from said episode. Yamazaki Noriaki wrote both stories, and Takiguchi Jumpei played Mister X in both episodes as well.
  • The Scorpion is one of only three villains to appear more than once in Lupin III (the others being Pycal and Mamou Kyosuke), and the only one to appear three times.
    • This fact is null once you take into account the 2012 Fujiko Mine series in which the owls are recurring as well as "Jigen's Gravestone" which had Mamo reappear in a cameo role and the recent 2015 series which had Agent Nyx as a recurring antagonist.