The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III is the first episode of Lupin the Third Part II that aired on October 3, 1977.


After a long time, invitations come from Lupin III, and Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko are reunited aboard the luxury liner Sirloin. But when Lupin appears afterward, he tells them that he was himself invited by Fujiko. Why have they received false invitations together with Inspector Zenigata? The moment of confrontation with Lupin's bitter enemy Mister X is approaching.


  • On the Youtube version uploaded by TMS as part of their anniversary, the scene where Fujiko is in the shower has been darkened. This is due to their filters as the episode was originally on there but then got removed so this is a change for the reupload. No other version has been affected.


  • This episode is a direct sequel to the first series pilot and includes flashback footage from said episode. Tadaaki Yamazaki wrote both stories, and Takiguchi Jumpei played Mister X in both episodes as well.
  • This episode ranked #8 in the Lupin III Best Selection rerun of favorite episodes, as chosen by Japanese fans.
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