The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa was released on February 4, 2017. It was announced in early September 2016. Centered on the character of Goemon, it is a sequel to the spin-off TV series, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and its sequel film, Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone.


A yakuza boss hires Goemon Ishikawa, a modern day samurai, to protect him aboard his cruise ship casino. Everything goes sideways however when a terrifyingly powerful man— the so called “Ghost of Bermuda”— shows up to put world-famous thief Lupin in the ground... right when Lupin’s trying to rob the very same ship! With his employer dead in the ensuing chaos, Goemon’s honor is at stake, and the only way to preserve it is with blood.

But this opponent is like no other, and to make things right, Goemon may need to sharpen not only his sword, but himself as well! With a little help from Lupin and Jigen, of course.




  • Keith Silverstein as Arsène Lupin III
  • Dan Woren as Daisuke Jigen
  • Cristina Vee as Fujiko Mine
  • Lex Lang as Goemon Ishikawa
  • Richard Epcar as Inspector Koichi Zenigata
  • Kirk Thornton as Hawk

In its original reveal of the English voice cast, Dan Woren was uncredited and his picture was pixelated however he is credited on streaming services. [1] The voice actors for Salifa, Makio Inaniwa, Inaniwa Jr., Iwasaki, Inoue and the Saigo brothers are unknown.


  • Stefano Onofri as Lupin III
  • Alessandro D'Errico as Jigen Daisuke
  • Antonio Palumbo as Goemon Ishikawa
  • Alessandra Korompay as Fujiko Mine
  • Rodolfo Bianchi as Inspector Zenigata
  • Stefano Alessandroni as Hawk
  • Veronica Cuscusa as Lady Salifa
  • Edoardo Siravo as Makio Inaniwa
  • Loris Loddi as Saigo (Older Brother)
  • Daniele Valenti as Saigo (Younger Brother)[2]

The voice actors for Inaniwa Jr., Iwasaki and Inoue are unknown.



  • DVD May 26, 2017 (Kadokawa)
  • Blu-ray May 26, 2017 (Kadokawa)
  • Blu-ray May 26, 2017 Special Edition with Art Book (Kadokawa)


  • Blu-ray September 24, 2019 (Discotek)
  • Amazon Prime (TMS, dubbed and subtitled)

United Kingdom

  • Amazon Prime (TMS, Japanese with English subtitles only)


  • Amazon Prime November 23, 2020 Lupin the 3rd - Ishikawa Goemon getto di sangue (TMS, dubbed and subbed)


  • DVD/Blu-ray 6 July 2018 (Black Box)


  • In Japan, this is officially classed as a 2 part OVA rather than a movie.
  • While most of the time Lupin wears a black shirt, in one brief scene as he runs from the hideout he picks up his blue jacket.
  • According to an interview, there was going to be a scene where the gang return to the hideout after the battle between Goemon and Hawk however it was cut due to future spoilers. [3]



「LUPIN THE ⅢRD 血煙の石川五ェ門」 特報

First trailer for the film, released on September 9, 2016.

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