Secret Agent Lupin III is a 2009 Japanese-American animated television series created by Japanese animation team Monkey Punch and American parodist Lincar. This cartoon is based on the anime Lupin III featuring many differences.

Differences from the cartoon and the anime

  • Daisuke Jigen's eyes are seen visible with only with peepholes through his hat.
  • Arsene Lupin III wears jeans and sneakers. The main difference between Lupin is that he has an evil twin brother and he wears sunglasses. It was revealed in the episode is because he has to protect his eyes from the sun when robbery in the summertime.
  • Fujiko Mine wears a summersuit and seems to hold a gun that has bullets and a flame thrower.
  • Goemon is once seen wearing a tuxedo in the original shorts. After the start of the series, he wears his kimodo again and uses his sword again.
  • Inspector Zenega seems to lose his beard and seems to deaged 2 years but still goes after Lupin. Zenegata did not appear in the shorts at all except in "Hot Rod".
  • The opening sequence features many scenes comparing to the Lupin III Part II opening theme and has the theme music from it but with different scenes of Lupin and his friends.