Rebecca Rossellini (レベッカ・ロッセリーニ, Rebekka Rosserīni) is a recurring character in the Blue Jacket series. She is voiced by Yukiyo Fujii. She is the wife of Lupin III in the Blue Jacket series.

Character history

Rebecca is a young Italian entrepeneur, but her impulsiveness and thirst for excitement drove her into a vast number of different undertakings. In her young life she has pursued a number of professions, including an actress, a model and film making, all of them ultimatively granting her no satisfaction.

When she was a teenager, she had a relationship with Wataru, a brilliant Japanese student residing in San Marino. Unbeknowenst by Rebecca, Wataru had uncovered the secret to entering a dream realm, called Il Sogno Italiano ("The Italian Dream").

She later accepted Lupin III's marriage proposal and they manipulated each other in order to steal the Royal Crown of Libertas for their own reasons. Rebecca wanted the crown for the thrill of the theft itself and has shown herself to be physically and mentally able to run loops around Lupin III even though he does eventually win their confrontation - which she willingly admits. She never signed any divorce papers before they parted ways so she is still officially Lupin III's wife.

Voice actors 

  • Japanese: Yukiyo Fujii
  • Italian dub: Gaia Bolognesi [1] 
  • English dub: Cassandra Lee Morris [2] 

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In other media

  • Rebecca makes a cameo appearance in the first episode of the 2018 anime series, in a relationship diagram and a video clip. She later appears in the final episode in person, assisting Lupin in his plot against PeopleLog.

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