Pycal (パイカル, Pikaru) is a mysterious man of unknown origin who at first glance, has supernatural abilities and appears to be virtually indestructible. He initially appears as the primary antagonist of episode 2 of the Green Jacket series, The Man They Called a Magician and later resurfaces in the eponymous OVA, The Return of Pycal.



Pycal in the "The Man They Called A Magician".

Pycal appears to have vast scientific knowledge, as well as genuine magical skill, as he manages to craft himself a hardened second-skin to avoid burn damage as well as displaying the ability to fly and shoot fire from his fingers. While the crafty work of Lupin and Jigen initially prove his "powers" are nothing more than trickery, his reappearance in "Lupin III: Return of Pycal" hint that he indeed possesses otherworldly powers (as he returns after what seemed like an unavoidable death and can now teleport and telekinetically block bullets).

Anime Appearances

The Man They Called a Magician


The Return of Pycal

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