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Pycal is a character of Lupin III (Manga) and its adaption in Lupin the 3rd Part 1, Return of the Magician, and Is Lupin Still Burning?.

Pycal appears to have vast scientific knowledge, as well as genuine magical skill, as he manages to craft himself a hardened second-skin to avoid burn damage as well as displaying the ability to fly and shoot fire from his fingers. While the crafty work of Lupin and Jigen initially prove his "powers" are nothing more than trickery, his reappearance in "Lupin III: Return of Pycal" hint that he indeed possesses otherworldly powers (as he returns after what seemed like an unavoidable death and can now teleport and telekinetically block bullets).




Is Lupin Still Burning?

Kyosuke Mamo had caused Lupin to go back in time when he had the Green Jacket when Pycal dropped down from a bi-plane onto Lupin's Fiat 500 and opened the roof pointing a gun to his head. Lupin was surprised that Pycal was still alive, he told Lupin to stop joking around and thought that he can kill him as he wanted the film. The film being the secret formula however turned out that Lupin did have it.

He then sat on the passenger seat as Lupin knew it was Kyosuke Mamo who did it but thinks that Pycal is dead. Pycal wanted Lupin to die however Lupin slammed the brakes causing him to go to the windscreen, then Lupin and Pycal wrestled over the Colt pistol as the Fiat was driving from side to side. The gun was dropped out of the window and he was about to do his fingertip flames however Lupin took his gas canister and says that he has no more tricks up his sleeve. Lupin then kicked him out of the car however he jumped back onto the roof holding a knife saying that he will never escape, Lupin thanked him for the liquid polymers. Pycal ordered him to stop the car however Zenigata was chasing after Lupin so he swerved and Pycal fell out of the car.

Pycal was hit by Zenigata's car and fell into the sea thinking that it was Lupin. Lupin however hints that Pycal is still alive as "he's tough enough to survive a bazooka shot".


  • His name is based on the alcoholic grain liquor Paikaru (more commonly known as Baijiu). It is why Lupin jokes about his name being a drink and apart from the TokyoPop manga translation, the joke is lost in translation due to TMS officially translating his name as Pycal.
  • In the 1979 Italian dub, his name is changed to Whisky. The reason why was to preserve a joke that Lupin makes after seeing him for the first time and calling him a drink. It was reverted back to his original name for the 1987 redub and The Return of the Magician. For Is Lupin Still Burning?, it was changed back to Whisky.
  • In Chapter 17 of the manga, Pycal had a wife who dealt with explosions including exploding knives and knows how to use a gun. Her actions were similar to the bomber who appeared in Part 1 Episode 11. After Pycal got murdered by the falls, she took revenge on Lupin. As well as having a wife, before his death he also trained a bunch of hitmen to take out Lupin.