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Pursue Harimao's Treasure!! is the 7th Lupin the 3rd television special.


Harimao's treasure. It's worth over 8 billion dollars and it's seems like everyone's looking for it! But nothing's going to stop Lupin from the treasure this time. With his faithful companions Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko-- Lupin travels the globe, dodging bullets and Inspector Zenigata, to find the three statues that make up the key to the treasure.

But soon enough, a greater threat emerges... the Neo-Himmel! And Lupin must join forces with his chief adversary, ageing secret agent Sir Archer. Along with Archer's beautiful grand-daughter, these unlikely partners set forth on an adventure that is dangerous, funny and filled with surprises.

Long Summary


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Gorō Naya
Sir Archer Tadashi Nakamura
Diana Archer Maya Okamoto
Russell Hirotaka Suzuoki
Hermann von Diett Mayumi Tanaka
Göring Masuo Amada
Harimao Taitem Kusunoki

Additional Voices:[1]

  • Obon as Manager
  • Takashi Matsuo
  • Yūko Kobayashi
  • Tōru Ōkawa
  • Takashi Irie
  • Junichi Sugawara
  • Misa Watanabe
Italian ("Chi trova Lupin trova un tesoro" [Mediaset] / "All'inseguimento del tesoro di Harimao")
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Roberto Del Giudice
Daisuke Jigen Sandro Pellegrini
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Enrico Di Troia
Fujiko Mine Alessandra Korompay‏‎‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Rodolfo Bianchi
Sir Archer Saverio Moriones
Diana Archer Ilaria Latini
Russell Alberto Caneva
Hermann von Diett Alberto Caneva
(as Hellmafordite)
Göring Pasquale Anselmo
(as Goering)
Harimao Unknown

On the DVD, Antonio Palumbo was miscredited as the role of Goemon.

English ("The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure")
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Sonny Strait
Daisuke Jigen Christopher R. Sabat
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Mike McFarland
Fujiko Mine Meredith McCoy‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Phillip Wilburn
Sir Archer Phil Parsons
Diana Archer Cynthia Cranz
Russell Robert Colin
Hermann von Diett Cindy Beall
(as Herr Mafroditte)
Göring Kyle Hebert
(as Goering)
Harimao Unknown

Additional Voices:

  • Brad Jackson
French ("Le Trésor d'Harimao")
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Bruno Magne
(as Lupan)
Daisuke Jigen Hervé Caradec
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Constantin Pappas
Fujiko Mine Nathalie Homs‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Constantin Pappas
Sir Archer Thierry Murzeau
(as Lord Archer)
Diana Archer Pascale Chemin
Russell Cyrille Monge
Hermann von Diett Taric Mehani
(as Herr Maffordite)
Cyrille Monge (male voice)
Göring Martial Le Minoux
(as Goering)
Harimao Cyrille Monge

Additional Voices:[2]

  • Pascale Chemin as Tourist Guide
  • Martial Le Minoux
German ("Der Schatz des Harimao")
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Peter Flechtner
Daisuke Jigen Tilo Schmitz
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Peter Reinhardt
Fujiko Mine Ghadah Al-Akel‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Stefan Staudinger
Sir Archer Christian Rode
Diana Archer Carola Ewert
Russell Bernd Vollbrecht
Hermann von Diett Heike Schroetter
(as Helma Frodit)
Göring Jörg Hengstler
(as Krang)
Harimao Unknown

Additional voices:[3]

  • Raimund Krone



  • Laserdisc (VAP)
  • VHS (VPVY-63714, VAP)
  • DVD August 2000 CD Packaging (VPBY-11136, VAP)
  • DVD DVD Packaging (VPBY-17783, VAP)
  • DVD 2015? The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure & The Secret of the Twilight Gemini (Futabasha)
  • Blu-ray March 17, 2010 Lupin the Third: Lupin the BOX -TV Special BD Collection- (VPXY-71910, VAP)


  • DVD April 29, 2004 All'inseguimento del tesoro di Harimao (Dynamic Italia)
  • DVD 2005 Lupin the 3rd Special DVD Collection - All'inseguimento del tesoro di Harimao (1LUP12, DeAGOSTINI/Yamato Video)
  • DVD 2009 Lupin the 3rd: Movie DVD Collection - all'inseguimento del Tesoro di Harimao (DeAGOSTINI/Yamato Video, 1LM12)
  • DVD Lupin III Film Collection (N.11, Yamato Video/La Gazzetta dello Sport)


  • DVD September 24, 2002 (Funimation) [Uncut version]
  • DVD September 24, 2002 (Funimation) [Cut version, needs confirming]
  • DVD Lupin the 3rd: Movie Pack - First Haul (Funimation)
  • Blu-ray October 27, 2020 (Discotek)

United Kingdom

  • DVD 7 April 2003 (MVM) [Uncut feature]


  • DVD August 25, 2006 (SPV 91017, SPVision)
  • DVD February 18, 2021 Lupin III – TV-Special Collection (KAZE)
  • Blu-ray February 18, 2021 Lupin III – TV-Special Collection (KAZE)


  • DVD January 25, 2007 Rupan : Le Trésor d'Harimao / Le Secret du Twilight Gemini


Hermann von Diett was originally called Herr Maforditte (ヘルマフォーディーテ) a play on the word "hermaphrodite" (ヘルマフロディーテ). In the script, the character was going to have a child like voice. When it got to the production stage, the character was changed to Hermann von Diett with its pronunciation also changed and the voice to be of a woman.[4]In the credits, the character was credited as Neo Nazi Leader (ネオナチリーダー, Neonachi rīdā). The original name was kept in the International versions with different translations, Clyde Mandelin who was involved with the Funimation translation had used Herr Maforditte in the subtitles synced to the Japanese audio.

Translation Notes

  • In the original, Lupin says nothing when he backpedals to view the sculpture of the naked woman. In the German dub, he says, "Oh my, my, my, what's this?"


  • This was the first TV Special and the first intended role that Kanichi Kurita plays Lupin III after the passing of Yasuo Yamada.
  • Sir Archer owns an Aston Martin DB5 and a Walther PPK, both famously used in the James Bond series. The Special also references this however only in the Japanese original, since the English dub rewritten this to "every spy movie".
  • This is one of the few known Lupin animations where split screening is used throughout.
  • This was the last Lupin project that Osamu Dezaki had worked on and his last TV Special where he was the director. It was not his last project for TMS has he worked on two Hamtaro movies afterwards with his final work for them being Tottoko Hamutaro: Ham Ham Paradi-chu! Hamutarō to Fushigi no Oni no Ehonto.
  • The English release by Funimation had cut the credits and replaced it with their own, it is also one of their few releases that kept the Japanese Lupin III logo rather than the Lupin the 3rd logo that was used in the International masters. It is speculated that this special and The Secret of Twilight Gemini may have been acquired when the Chase Tracer name was considered.
  • When Funimation got the rights to the TV Special, originally it was going to be called just Harimao's Treasure. [5]
  • The German dub renamed Göring to Krang, a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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