"One Chance for a Prison Break is 4th episode of the Green Jacket series.


Lupin and Fujiko successfully pull off a heist; that is, until Zenigata manages to shoot Lupin with a tranquilizer dart. Zenigata hauls Lupin off to jail. Despite Fujiko's best efforts, she cannot break Lupin out of prison, and Jigen provides no help, claiming that Lupin can leave whenever he wants. One year passes, and Lupin's still in jail with his execution date getting closer. Fujiko and the others try to help Lupin get out of jail.



In the 1987 Italian redub, some scenes have been cut.[1] The following have been cut:

  • The scene in which Lupin hangs the three guards.
  • Lupin being stripped in prison and Zenigata smiles at him.
  • The guard dressed as Lupin on the electric chair getting electrocuted.



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