When "Superman" appears in the skies of New York City, a bank robbery took place nearby. Investigating together with Inspector McCleed, Zenigata suspects that it's Lupin's doing, however Lupin himself finds the notion simply ridiculous. Checking the banks which have been robbed, Lupin finds a small supermarket at the center of the ring they make. Who is the guy posing as Superman? And how was he able to fly in the air?


The episode was rushed to make it on time. Not just the stiffer than usual and recycled animation but also many mistakes that popped up. Some of these mistakes appeared in the original airings and the remastered Blu-rays but have been fixed in reruns that were used in the Italian TV airings, DVDs and the International masters.

  • While Lupin is shouting at the speeding car, Jigen's suit is colored olive green instead of black. This appears to be fixed in the Italian TV airings and the DVDs but not fixed in the International masters.
  • The sign of the restaurant says "Hotdog & Hambarg", supposed to be "Hotdog & Hamburger" or Hamburg due to a/u in Japanese.
  • While Goemon is talking saying the line "These horrible hamburgers and hotdogs are not suited to my taste", it switches back to Lupin and Jigen munching the burgers and back to Goemon in a sloppy matter. This happens for 5 frames. This was fixed in the Italian TV airings, DVDs and the International masters.
  • Straight afterwards, there is a sign saying "Ham Barger". This was removed in the International masters as the sign appears blank.
  • The supermarket that Goemon goes to says "5th Family Mark" rather than "Market" or "Mart".
  • The flashback of the supermarket has not only a different sign but Goemon returning there has a different sign altogether just saying "5th Family".
  • For one frame during the fight between Lupin and Superman, the "III" emblem on Lupin's costume disappears.


  • This is the second time DC Comics' Superman is referenced in this series.
  • In the English subtitles, Inspector McCleed is McReed.
  • The newspaper clipping of "Lupin Change Superman - Attack the Bank" has a line saying "Khomeini Declares Sweeping Amnesty". While the English newspaper is unknown, this would date it July 10, 1979. This was 20 days before the episode was aired.
  • One of the dolls in the supermarket is a blue R2-D2.


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