Lupin the Third Part V is the latest installment of Lupin the Third as of June 2019. It made its debut on April 3rd 2018. It is the sequel to Lupin the Third Part IV as Lupin III wears his Blue Jacket from that series.

On April 23, 2019 it was announced that Discotek Media had licensed the anime for North American audiences, as well as announced that the show will air on Adult Swim's Toonami block in the United States starting on June 15, 2019.

In the US and the UK, it is currently streamed via Crunchyroll. The first episode in Japanese is also avaiable on Youtube as a celebration of 55 years of TMS. Discotek will handle the US Blu-ray release while in the UK, it will be handled by Anime Limited.

Voice cast

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Number Title Japanese air date US air date
1 "The Girl in the Twin Towers"
地下塔ツインタワーの少女(Tsuin tawā no shōjo)
April 4, 2018 June 15, 2019
2 "The Lupin Game" ルパン・ゲーム(Rupan gēmu) April 11, 2018 June 22, 2019
3 "The Killers Gather in the Wasteland" 殺し屋は荒野に集う(Koroshi-ya wa kōya ni tsudouApril 18, 2018 June 29, 2019
4 "Zenigata's Pride and the Desert Dust" 銭形の誇りと砂漠の埃(Zenigata no hokori to sabaku no hokoriApril 25, 2018 July 6, 2019
5 "A Crook's Resolve" 悪党の覚悟(Akutō no kakugoMay 2, 2018 July 13, 2019
6 "Lupin VS The Smart Safe" ルパン対天才金庫(Rupan tai tensai kinkoMay 9, 2018 July 20, 2019
7 "His Name is Albert" その名はアルベール(Sono na wa Arubēru) May 16, 2018 July 27, 2019
8 "Who Has the Black Notebook?" 黒い手帳は誰の手に(Kuroi techō wa dare no te ni)   May 23, 2018 August 3, 2019
9 "The Man Who Abandoned "Lupin"" "ルパン"を棄てた男("Rupan" o suteta otoko)   May 30, 2018 August 10, 2019
10 "Thief and Thief"

泥棒と泥棒 (Dorobō to dorobō)  

June 6, 2018 August 17, 2019
11 "Get Pablo's Collection" パブロ・コレクションを走れ(Paburo korekushon o hashire)   June 13, 2018 August 24, 2019
12 "The Extravagance of Goemon Ishikawa XIII"

十三代目石川五ェ門散財ス(Jū San-Daime Ishikawa Goemon Sanzai Su)  

June 20, 2018 August 31, 2019
13 "The Bow, The Princess, and the Terrorist"

弓と王女とテロリスト(Yu to jo to terorisuto)  

July 4, 2018 TBA
14 "How to Steal a Kingdom"

王国の盗み方(Ōkoku no nusumi-kata)  

July 11, 2018 TBA
15 "Her Relationship With Lupin"

ルパンと彼女の関係(Rupan to kanojo no kankei)  

July 18, 2018 TBA
16 "Let's Talk About First Loves"

初恋の話をしよう(Hatsukoi no hanashi o shou)  

July 25, 2018 TBA
17 "Introducing Detective Jim Barnett III"

探偵ジム・バーネット三世の挨拶(Tantei Jimu Bānetto Sansei no Aisatsu)  

August 1, 2018 TBA
18 "Fujiko's Gift"

不二子の置きみやげ(Fujiko no oki miyage)  

August 8, 2018 TBA
19 "A 7.62mm Mirage" 7.62mmのミラージュ(7.62mm no Mirāju) August 15, 2018 TBA
20 "Zenigata, Gentleman Thief" 怪盗銭形(Kaitō Zenigata) August 22, 2018 TBA
21 "An Outdated Master Thief"

時代遅れの大泥棒(Jidaiokure no dai dorobō

August 29, 2018 TBA
22 "Answer Me, Zantetsuken"

答えよ斬鉄剣(Kotaeyo Zantetsuken)

September 5, 2018 TBA
23 "Just Then, An Old Buddy Said Something"

その時、古くからの相棒が言った(Sonotoki, furuku kara no aibō ga itta)

September 12, 2018 TBA
24 "Viva Lupin III" ルパン三世は永遠に(Rupan Sansei wa eien ni) September 19, 2018 TBA
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