Lupin the Third Part III, commonly refered to as the Pink Jacket series, is the third TV anime based on Monkey Punch's Lupin III manga series. Produced by TMS, it marked the series' return to the Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (the network which aired the Lupin the Third Part I) and began airing on March 3, 1984. The show ran for a total of 50 episodes and ended on December 25, 1985. This series along with The Legend of The Gold of Babylon and much later Lupin VS The Smart Safe marks the times where Lupin wears a pink colored jacket. It is also the only series not to have a typed title card.

In a stark contrast to its predecessor's more cartoonish designs, the initial character designs of the Pink Jacket Series were much more grounded and gritty, bearing a greater resemblance to Monkey Punch's original sketches. For example, Lupin and Goemon were given their traditional cleft chins, Jigen's face was more elongated, and Fujiko was made to look much more delicate and less voluptuous. Then the animation started becoming more loose yet kept the chin for Lupin. Towards the later half of the series, the production team decided to drop the gritty appearance of the designs and headed towards a more cartoonish nature more closer to Western animation. Lupin was redesigned and its design was the same as the Legend of the Gold of Babylon with a rounded chin. Due to diverse animation teams as well as a decision to have three character designs, the designs and overall look of the show tended to greatly differ from episode to episode and even within the same episode, making the the production look extremely inconsistent.

Popularity-wise, the Pink Jacket series wasn't initially all too well received in comparison with it's predecessors. Many people failed to gravitate to the new oblong designs, the often mediocre plot-lines, and the inappropriate blend of the Green Jacket's seriousness with the Red Jacket's goofy slapstick. Opinions have improved over the years however, with many fondly viewing it as a period piece of 80's culture and despite the animation styles have been mixed in general, more recently some animation fans praising the animation used in the later episodes.

Until recently, the series was only available in Japan and Italy receiving DVD releases and for Japan, Blu-ray. It was also aired in Spain, the Spanish dub can be found on the inernet. In the US, the entire series is currently available to stream via Crunchyroll.


No. Title Original air date
1 "The Gold Ingots Summon Lupin" March 3, 1984
2 "Break the Big Trap" March 10, 1984
3 "Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel" March 17, 1984
4 "Telepathy Is Love's Signal" March 24, 1984
5 "Goemon, the Peerless" April 7, 1984
6 "Lupin Has Come with a Tank" May 19, 1984
7 "Garb, The Grim Reaper" May 27, 1984
8 "Operation Mother Mary Getaway" June 9, 1984
9 "The Copy-Man Comes Expensive" June 16, 1984
10 "Lay a Plot with the Treasure" June 23, 1984
11 "The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears" July 7, 1984
12 "The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace" July 28, 1984
13 "Play a Joke on the Variation" October 20, 1984
14 "Do You Like the Abduction Game?" October 27, 1984
15 "The Killer Comes Along Quietly" November 3, 1984
16 "The Golden Apple Has Poison" November 10, 1984
17 "Are You Really Getting Married?" November 17, 1984
18 "Showtime Smells Of Death" November 24, 1984
19 "An Act of Betrayal" December 1, 1984
20 "The Man Who Erased His Past" December 8, 1984
21 "Farewell, Golden Legend" December 15, 1984
22 "This Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond" December 22, 1984
23 "The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery" December 29, 1984
24 "Sleep Deeply, My Friend" January 12, 1985
25 "We're No Angels" January 19, 1985
26 "The Ghost of New York" January 26, 1985
27 "Code Name Is Alaska Star" February 2, 1985
28 "The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell" February 9, 1985
29 "A Honeymoon To The Moon" February 16, 1985
30 "The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge" February 23, 1985
31 "Reversal, Reversal, and Again Reversal" March 2, 1985
32 "10 Million Dollar Key" March 9, 1985
33 "A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game" March 16, 1985
34 "Manhattan Crisis" March 23, 1985
35 "Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field" March 30, 1985
36 "When The Eagle Descends" April 6, 1985
37 "Pops Boils Over with Rage" April 20, 1985
38 "Leticia Who Loved Me" April 27, 1985
39 "Give the Gold to the Rival" May 11, 1985
40 "In a Panic over the Treasure" May 25, 1985
41 "A Night Under Martial Law" June 8, 1985
42 "Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance Money" June 22, 1985
43 "Farewell, Cinderella" June 29, 1985
44 "Our Papa Is a Thief" July 6, 1985
45 "A Toast to the Con-Game" July 20, 1985
46 "My Scrap Wings" July 27, 1985
47 "Single Sheet Picture in Doubt" August 17, 1985
48 "Hades' Tear" August 31, 1985
49 "Pops Was Adopted into the Family" September 28, 1985
50 "Orders to Destroy the Atomic Submarine Ivanov" December 25, 1985


  • According to Yuzo Aoki, three character designs were proposed for Lupin in this series. A hard Lupin, a soft Lupin and a comical Lupin. [1]
  • The airing in Japan was constantly delayed due to baseball. One example being Show Time Is Death Feeling where it was finished in June however got aired in November. [2]
  • 52 episodes were originally planned however only 50 got produced. [3]



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