Lupin The Third Part I is the first animated television adaptation of the Lupin III (ルパン三世 Rupan Sansei) manga series written by Monkey Punch. The series was originally broadcast as Lupin III between October 24, 1971 and March 26, 1972. It is known as the Green Jacket series, after the colour of Lupin's jacket.

Initially, under the direction of Masaaki Ōsumi, this series portrayed Lupin as a morally ambiguous character and remained faithful to dark tone of the manga. Ōsumi was replaced by directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, who took the show in a markedly more light-hearted and family-friendly direction that would become the blueprint for later Lupin III series.


Arsène Lupin III, grandson of the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, is an internationally wanted thief. His right-hand man is Daisuke Jigen, an expert marksmen who can shoot a target within 0.3 seconds. They are joined by Fujiko Mine, Lupin's primary love interest who often manipulates situations to her advantage. After several encounters with the samurai and expert swordsman Goemon Ishikawa XIII, he becomes part of the group. They are constantly pursued by Inspector Zenigata, an expert on Lupin from the Tokyo MPD, who has made the capture and arrest of Lupin and his collaborators his life goal.

Voice Cast


No. Title Director Original air date
01 "Is Lupin Burning...?!"
"Rupan wa Moeteiru ka...?!" (ルパンは燃えているか...?!)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-10-24
02 "The Man They Called a Magician"
"Majutsushi to Yobareta Otoko" (魔術師と呼ばれた男)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-10-31
03 "Farewell My Beloved Witch"
"Saraba Itoshiki Majo" (さらば愛しき魔女)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-11-07
04 "One Chance to Breakout"
"Datsugoku no Chance wa Ichido" (脱獄のチャンスは一度)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-11-14
05 "The Coming of Goemon the Thirteenth"
"13dai Goemon Tōjō" (十三代五ェ門登場)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-11-21
06 "Rainy Afternoons are Bad"
"Ame no Gogo wa Yabai ze" (雨の午後はヤバイゼ)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-11-28
07 "A Wolf Calls a Wolf"
"Ōkami wa Ōkami o Yobu" (狼は狼を呼ぶ)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-12-05
08 "The All-Together Playing-Card Operation"
"Zenin Shūgō Trump Sakusen" (全員集合トランプ作戦)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1971-12-12
09 "Killer Sings the Blues"
"Koroshiya wa Blues o Utau" (殺し屋はブルースを歌う)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1971-12-19
10 "Hunt Down the Counterfeiter!"
"Nisesatsutsukuri o Nerae!" (ニセ札つくりを狙え!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1971-12-26
11 "When the Seventh Bridge Falls"
"Nanabanme no Hashi ga Ochiru Toki" (7番目の橋が落ちるとき)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-01-02
12 "Who Had the Last Laugh?"
"Dare ga Saigo ni Waratta ka?" (誰が最後に笑ったか)
Masaaki Ōsumi 1972-01-09
13 "Beware the Time Machine!"
"Time Machine ni Ki o Tsukero!" (タイムマシンに気をつけろ!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-01-16
14 "The Emerald's Secret"
"Emerald no Himitsu" (エメラルドの秘密)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-01-23
15 "Let's Catch Lupin and Go to Europe"
"Lupin o Tsukamaete Europe e Ikō" (ルパンを捕まえてヨーロッパへ行こう)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-01-30
16 "Operation Jewel Snatch"
"Hōseki Yokodori Sakusen" (宝石横取り作戦)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-02-06
17 "Lupin Caught in a Trap"
"Wana ni Kakatta Lupin" (罠にかかったルパン)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-02-13
18 "Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest"
"Bijin Contest o Mark se yo" (美人コンテストをマークせよ)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-02-20
19 "Which of the Third Generation Will Win!"
"Dotchi ga Katsu ka Sandaime!" (どっちが勝つか三代目!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-02-27
20 "Catch the Phony Lupin!"
"Nise Lupin o Tsukamaero!" (ニセルパンを捕まえろ!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-03-05
21 "Rescue the Tomboy!"
"Jajaumamusume o Tasukedase!" (ジャジャ馬娘を助けだせ!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-03-12
22 "The First Move Wins Computer Operation!"
"Sente Hisshō Computer Sakusen!" (先手必勝コンピューター作戦!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-03-19
23 "The Great Gold Showdown!"
"Ōgon no Daishōbu!" (黄金の大勝負!)
Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata 1972-03-26


The first opening re-used footage from the 1969 Pilot Film, which was somewhat modified to show him in a green jacket instead of the red one he wore in this pilot.

Only 2 villians of this series returned in future installments, Mister X returned in the second series while Pycal returns as the main antagonist of the OVA "Return of the Magician".

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