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For the manga also titled "New Lupin III"/"Shin Lupin III", see here,

Lupin the 3rd Part 2 (ルパン三世(TV第2シリーズ) Rupan Sansei (TV 2 Dai Seriizu)?) is the second animated television based on the Lupin III manga series written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It was produced by TMS Entertainment, and broadcasted by Nippon TV as Lupin III between October 3, 1977 and October 6, 1980. It has aired 155 epiosdes spread over 4 seasons. It is also known as the Red Jacket series (after the colour of Lupin's jacket) and Shin Lupin III (新ルパン三世 New Lupin III?). It retrospectively got "Part 2" title only with the airing of Part III.

After reruns made the first series a fan favorite and following the success of the live action movie Strange Psychokinetic Strategy, the second TV series was produced and set five years after the first series. Two movies were released during the original broadcast: The Mystery of Mamo and The Castle of Cagliostro. It also crossed over with The Rose of Versalles, an anime series by the same studio which ran contemporaneously with season 4.

Donning a red jacket, Lupin III is reunited with Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa XIII, and Fujiko Mine to resume their thieving ways with Koichi Zenigata always trying to catch them. This series retained the comic tone Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata brought to the close of the first series. While the darker tones of the manga were left out, many of the manga stories were adapted into episodes.


When it was originally broadcast, it was called Lupin III, however it was nicknamed Shin Lupin III to differentiate from Lupin the 3rd Part 1 (then called "Lupin III" only), reflecting the New Lupin III manga title. This nickname was also used on a Laserdisc called New Lupin the Third Special that had the two Hayao Miyazaki episodes. It was only when Lupin the 3rd Part III was aired that retrospectively got the Part II title alongside Part I, however this originally was not the case outside of international licensing. Officially it was known as Lupin the Third 2nd series (ルパン三世 2nd series) in Japan and is the home video name in Italy. When TMS celebrated its 55th anniversary, the series was renamed to ルパン三世 Part2 in Japan to match its international name. This is the title that is used on its airings on Tokyo MX and Animax, on related Twitter accounts and on the official website. [4]

In the US, due to copyright reasons regarding the Lupin name TMS had licensed the series as Cliff Hanger however no one had picked up the series. Streamline had picked up the rights and since the copyright had expired, it was renamed to Lupin III: Tales of the Wolf. When it was aired on Adult Swim, it was also called Lupin the 3rd however for a different reason. Pioneer decided to choose Part 2 when it was brought over due to missing archives for Part 1 as well as it was the only other series that they had license to. Part 1 was not released until much later by Discotek and the other series weren't dubbed until Part IV in 2017, while The Woman Called Fujiko Mine was dubbed, it is considered a spinoff. TMS had named the series Lupin the 3rd Part 2 and is used on their official English social media as well as streams on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime.

Due to copyright reasons in France, the series was renamed to Edgar, Le Détective Cambrioleur (Edgar, the Detective Burglar).


Season 1 (Episode 1-26)

No. Title Director(s) Original air date
1 The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III
October 3, 1977
2 Wads of Bills Bloom in the Rio Sunset
October 10, 1977
3 Hitler's Legacy
October 17, 1977
4 I Can Hear Nessie's Song
October 24, 1977
5 I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion
October 31, 1977
6 Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing?
November 7, 1977
7 Tutankhamen's 3000-Year Curse
November 14, 1977
8 The Venice Superexpress
November 21, 1977
9 What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues?
November 28, 1977
10 Steal File M123
December 5, 1977
11 Wager on the Monaco GP
December 12, 1977
12 A Present for the President
December 19, 1977
13 The Great San Francisco Chase
December 26, 1977
14 The Great Caribbean Adventure
January 9, 1978
15 The Great Detectives Take to the Sky
January 16, 1978
16 Two-Faced Lupin
January 23, 1978
17 Aim for the Oildollar
January 30, 1978
18 Black Panther
February 6, 1978
19 Can the 10-Year Vault Be Broken?
February 13, 1978
20 Cornered Lupin
February 20, 1978
21 Goemon's Revenge
February 27, 1978
22 Search the House of Mystery Women
March 6, 1978
23 Witch of the Fourth Dimension
March 13, 1978
24 The Great Thief Nezumi-Koozoo Makes His Appearance
March 20, 1978
25 The Coming of the Killer Iron Lizards
March 27, 1978
26 The Rose and the Pistol
April 3, 1978

Season 2 (Episode 27-51)

No. Title Director(s) Original air date
27 Where Did the Cinderella Stamp Go?
April 10, 1978
28 Lady Detective Melon
April 17, 1978
29 The Electroshock Pigeon Operation
April 24, 1978
30 The Wind Is Hot in Morocco
May 1, 1978
31 Shoot into the Midnight Sun
May 8, 1978
32 Lupin Dies Twice
May 15, 1978
33 To Whom Does Orion's Crown Belong?
May 22, 1978
34 Lupin Becomes a Vampire
May 29, 1978
35 Chase the Gorilla Gang
June 5, 1978
36 Uncover the Secret of Tsukikage Castle
June 12, 1978
37 The Buried Treasure of Genghis Khan
June 19, 1978
38 The Sweet Trap of ICPO
June 26, 1978
39 A Diamond Disappeared in the Hong Kong Night Sky
July 3, 1978
40 Operation Missilejack
July 10, 1978
41 Find the Treasure of Princess Kaguya
July 17, 1978
42 Lupin Becomes a Bride
July 24, 1978
43 Where Are Peking Man's Bones
July 31, 1978
44 The Vanishing Special Armored Car
August 7, 1978
45 Killing Is the Smell of Wine
August 14, 1978
46 Lupin Will Fetch a High Price
August 21, 1978
47 Her Majesty's Slipshod Inspectors
August 28, 1978
48 Lupin Laughs at the Alarm Bell
September 4, 1978
49 A Pretty Woman Has Venom
September 11, 1978
50 Lupin, Whom I Loved - Part One
September 18, 1978
51 Lupin, Whom I Loved - Part Two
September 25, 1978

Season 3 (Episode 52-103)

No. Title Director(s) Original air date
52 Emmanuelle is an Angel's Whisper
October 2, 1978
53 The Crazy Fantoma Mark III
October 9, 1978
54 Detective Hanshichi's Ten-Year Promise
October 16, 1978
55 Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five - Part One
(花吹雪 謎の五人衆(前篇)?)
October 23, 1978
56 Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five - Part Two
(花吹雪 謎の五人衆(後篇)?)
October 30, 1978
57 Computer or Lupin?
November 6, 1978
58 The Face of Goodbye at the National Border
November 13, 1978
59 The Mysterious World of Madame X
November 20, 1978
60 Flowers of Suicide Bloom in India
November 27, 1978
61 The Flying Zantetsuken
December 4, 1978
62 The Sound of the Devil's Bells Calls Lupin
December 11, 1978
63 A Trap for a Trap!
December 18, 1978
64 Christmas Is in the Hands of the Goddess
December 25, 1978
65 Lupin's Enemy Is Lupin
January 8, 1979
66 Shooting Orders!!
January 15, 1979
67 Lupin's Big Saiyuuki
January 22, 1979
68 CasinIsland - Inversion After Inversion
January 29, 1979
69 The Woman Pops Fell in Love With
February 5, 1979
70 Classic Thieves and Mynah Birds
February 12, 1979
71 Lupin vs. the Shinsengumi
February 19, 1979
72 The Skateboard Murder Mystery
February 26, 1979
73 Flowers and Storms and a Thieves' Race
March 5, 1979
74 The Terrifying Chameleon Man
March 12, 1979
75 A Wedding Dress Doesn't Suit Fujiko
March 19, 1979
76 Dp You Know Shakespeare?
March 26, 1979
77 Arresting Lupin with Astrology
April 2, 1979
78 Diamonds Shining in the Robot's Eye
April 9, 1979
79 The Lupin Funeral March
April 16, 1979
80 The Last Meal is Cup Ramen
April 23, 1979
81 Fujiko! Men Are Tough
April 30, 1979
82 Pops Hostage Rescue Operation
May 7, 1979
83 Lupin's Big Western
May 14, 1979
84 Leave Revenge tLupin
May 21, 1979
85 ICPO Secret Directive
May 28, 1979
86 The Mysterious Nightlight Mask Appears
June 4, 1979
87 When the Devil Beckons tLupin
June 11, 1979
88 Lupin's Big South Pole-North Pole Adventure
June 18, 1979
89 Play the Thief's Symphony
June 25, 1979
90 Bad Guys Are Truly Big Villains
July 2, 1979
91 The Girl WhTravels Through Time
July 9, 1979
92 Madame and a Thieves' Quartet
July 16, 1979
93 Operation Great Wall of China Invader
July 23, 1979
94 Lupin vs. Superman
July 30, 1979
95 From the Ghost Ship with Love
August 6, 1979
96 Lupin's Gourmet Heaven
August 13, 1979
97 Find the Treasure of Lupin I
August 20, 1979
98 The Day Pops Was Gone
August 27, 1979
99 The Combat Magnum Scattered in the Wasteland
September 3, 1979
100 The Famous Painting Theft Ultra Operation
September 10, 1979
101 Versailles Burned with Love
September 17, 1979
102 Lupin Is Fond of Chanel
September 24, 1979
103 The Wolf Saw an Angel
October 1, 1979

Season 4 (Episode 104-155)

No. Title Director(s) Original air date
104 The Most Dangerous Golden Bed
October 8, 1979
105 A Woman Disappeared on the Mysterious Demon's Head Island
October 15, 1979
106 You're a Cat, I'm a Dried Bonito
October 22, 1979
107 A Wedding Ring is an Accursed Trap
October 29, 1979
108 Zantetsuken's Lament
November 5, 1979
109 Lupin's Toughest Battle Ever
(ルパン 史上最大の苦戦?)
November 12, 1979
110 Hot Shot: This is Fujiko
November 19, 1979
111 Is the Invader Safe Open?
November 26, 1979
112 Goemon's Close Call
December 3, 1979
113 The Operation Name is Chuushingura
December 10, 1979
114 The Secret of the Mystery Painting, The First Supper
December 17, 1979
115 Mona Lisa Smiles Twice
December 24, 1979
116 Have the 108 Bells Rung
December 31, 1979
117 The Chewing-Gum Disguise Operation
January 7, 1980
118 The Southern Cross Looked Like Diamonds
January 14, 1980
119 Lupin, WhKilled Lupin
January 21, 1980
120 Frankenstein Attacks Lupin
(フランケンシュタイン ルパンを襲う?)
January 28, 1980
121 The Treasure My Grandfather Left Behind
February 4, 1980
122 Rare Discovery: Napoleon's Treasure
February 11, 1980
123 A Thief in Paris
February 18, 1980
124 1999: A Popcorn Odyssey
February 25, 1980
125 The Big Oildollar Plot
March 3, 1980
126 Together with Lupin tHell
March 10, 1980
127 Direct Hit! Operation Dead Ball
March 17, 1980
128 The Old Woman and Lupin Thievery Contest
March 24, 1980
129 I Saw the Kindness of a Man's Heart in Jigen
March 31, 1980
130 Lupin Vs. the Mystery Man with TwFaces
April 7, 1980
131 TwGoemons - the Mystery of Zantetsuken
April 14, 1980
132 The Himalayan Holy Mountain Thieves' Cult
April 21, 1980
133 Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure
April 28, 1980
134 Lupin Arrest Summit Operation
May 5, 1980
135 Poison, Magic and Lupin III
May 12, 1980
136 Revenge of the Gold Butterfly
May 19, 1980
137 The Magnificent Team-Play Operation
May 26, 1980
138 The Treasure of Pompeii and Venomous Snakes
June 2, 1980
139 Steal Everything from Lupin
June 9, 1980
140 The Wolf Runs, The Pig Rolls
June 16, 1980
141 1980 Moscow Revelation
June 30, 1980
142 The Big Favorite Disappeared at the Grand Race
July 7, 1980
143 The Miami Bank Raid Anniversary
July 14, 1980
144 Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation
July 21, 1980
145 Wings of Death - Albatross
(死の翼 アルバトロス?)
July 28, 1980
146 Lupin's Splendid Failure
August 4, 1980
147 The Mermaid That Disappeared in the Midnight Sun
August 11, 1980
148 The Target Is 555 Meters
August 18, 1980
149 The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil
August 25, 1980
150 Piano Symphony Zoo
September 1, 1980
151 The Arrest Lupin Highway Operation
September 8, 1980
152 Jigen, a Hat, and a Pistol
September 15, 1980
153 Wad of Bills Given from God
September 22, 1980
154 The Hexagon's Great Legacy
September 29, 1980
155 Farewell My Beloved Lupin
October 6, 1980


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Yasuo Yamada
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Gorō Naya

Italian [Le Nuove Avventure di Lupin III / Lupin the 3rd: La Seconda Serie / Le Avventure di "Lupin III" (Mediaset)]

Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Roberto Del Giudice
Unknown Voice Actor
(Italian Blu-ray, episodes 28, 44, 83, 113)
Daisuke Jigen Sandro Pellegrini
Unknown Voice Actor
(Italian Blu-ray, episodes 28, 44, 69)
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Massimo Rossi
Fujiko Mine Piera Vidale
(as Margot Mine)
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Marcello Prando
Unknown Voice Actor
(Italian Blu-ray, episode 83, 99)
Additional Voices Valerio Ruggeri


Characters Voice Actors
(1991 dubbing)
(2008 dubbing)
Lupin III Txema Moscoso Juan Navarro Torello
Daisuke Jigen Juan Pascual
(as Óscar)
Iker Muñoz
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Paul Muniain
(as Francis)
José María Carrero
Fujiko Mine Luz Emparanza
(as Patricia)
Raquel Martín
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Mario Hernández
(as Basilio)
Ángel Rodríguez
Characters Voice Actors
(1993-1994 dubbing,
as Lupin III: Tales of the Wolf)
(2002-2006 dubbing,
as Lupin the 3rd)
Lupin III Bob Bergen
(as Wolf/Lupin)
Tony Oliver
Daisuke Jigen Steve Bulen Richard Epcar
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Steve Kramer Lex Lang
Fujiko Mine Edie Mirman Michelle Ruff
Inspector Koichi Zenigata David Povall Dan Lorge

* Wings of Death - Albatross and Farewell My Beloved Lupin only.

French (Edgar, le Détective Cambrioleur)

Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Philippe Ogouz
(as Edgar de la Cambriole)
Daisuke Jigen Francis Lax
(as Jigen/Isidore/Auguste or nameless depending on episode)
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Jacques Ferrière
(as Yokitori Goémon, 1-43)
Serge Lhorca
(as Yokitori Goémon, 44-52)
Fujiko Mine Catherine Lafond
(as Magali Mine)
Nadine Delanoë
(as Magali Mine, episode 16)
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Jacques Ferrière
(as Inspecteur Gaston Lacogne, 1-43)
Serge Lhorca
(as Inspecteur Gaston Lacogne, 44-52)


Not much is known regarding the production of the Part 2 series. Tokyo Movie, the company that brought Part 1 was closed down in 1976 and was restructured as Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Tokyo Movie New Company) [1]. Lupin the 3rd Part 2 was their first project that they produced with the help of outsourced studios such as Oh Production, Top Craft, Artland who started in 1978[2] and other currently unknown smaller studios.

TMS also set up the studio Telecom Animation Film during this time originally for overseas work however they got their first work on the series.

According to Seiji Takahashi who was studio producer of Nippon Television, the series was produced for a high school audience (12-18). [3]


Further Information: Home Media Releases/Lupin the 3rd Part 2

Produced by the Japanese animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the series contains 155 episodes which aired between October 3, 1977 and October 6, 1980 on the Japanese television network, Nippon Television. Two feature films, The Mystery of Mamo and The Castle of Cagliostro, were released in theaters during the original broadcast run of the series.

After Japan, the series was aired in Italy in 1981 under the title Le Nuove Avventure di Lupin III (The New Adventures of Lupin III). Later France aired the series in 1985 as Edgar, le Détective Cambrioleur with only 52 episodes being dubbed and Spain aired all 155 episodes in 1991. Spain later received an uncut redub on Animax also covering all episodes.

Episode 145 and Episode 155, both directed by Hayao Miyazaki, were the first episodes of Part 2 to appear in North America. They were dubbed by Streamline Pictures and distributed by Orion Home Video on VHS in 1993 and 1994, both under the title of "Lupin III: Tales of The Wolf". Both episodes were later bundled together on a single tape titled Lupin III's Greatest Capers. Twenty-six episodes of Geneon Entertainment's English adaptation of the anime aired on Adult Swim starting on Monday, January 13, 2003 (January 14, technically, since it premiered at midnight). Episodes 1–27 were broadcast on the channel, with the exception of episode 3. 79 episodes were dubbed in English before Geneon folded and are available on DVD. In total there are 81 English dubbed episodes out of 155.

In 2009, the episodes were restored from the 16mm masters correcting the color as well as removing the grain, dust and scratches. They are also uncropped unlike previous DVD releases, Italian DVDs and the Geneon versions also used on streaming sites. These were the basis for the Blu-ray releases in Japan, the Blu-ray Yamato Video releases in Italy and the Discotek DVD releases in the US.

Currently the entire series is available to stream via Crunchyroll and in the US. Episodes 1, 2, 4 and 28 were in English on Youtube via TMS official channels however they were later removed. In Japan, they are available on Amazon Prime while English speaking countries have 79 episodes with the Geneon English dub. This was uploaded on June 30, 2020. For the United Kingdom and Australia, it was the first time that the series was ever released in those regions.

The series has the distinction of being the first anime series to be broadcast in stereo starting with Episode 99, from Episode 103 onwards the episodes were originally aired in stereo in their original broadcasts.


Promotional Artwork

By Telecom, circa 1994-1995
By TMS, circa 2000s.

Theme from Lupin III.jpg
Original logo used in episodes 1-26.
Theme from Lupin III vocal.jpg
Original logo used in episodes 27-51.
Lupin the Third '79.jpg
Logo used in episodes 52-103.
Lupin the Third '80.jpg
Logo used in episodes 104-155 with the bullet changed to lipstick.
Lupinthe3rdPart2 Italiantitle.jpg
Italian title.
Lupinthe3rdPart2 PioneerGeneonlogo.png
US Pioneer/Geneon logo
Lupinthe3rdPartI logo.png
Part 1, Part 2 logo
Lupinthe3rdPartI logo1.png
Part 1, Part 2 logo
Lupinthe3rdPart2 logo2.png
Part 2 logo
Lupinthe3rdPartI logoInternational.png
International logo
Lupinthe3rd logoInternationalAlt.jpg
Alternative International logo used on Youtube

Main Protagonist




  • An unproduced episode "Berlin Wall Big Breakthrough" (ベルリンの壁 大突破, berurin no kabe dai toppa) was written by Kiyohide Ohara.[4]

English Dub

  • On May 27, 2002 TMS Entertainment had rewarded TV and home video rights to Pioneer with the original plan was going to be for seven years.[5] A preview of the English dub was screened by Pioneer for Anime Expo 2002. While Pioneer mentioned that the dub might not be final, it received positive reception during the event.[6]
  • According to Richard Epcar, he voiced Jigen for 104 episodes meaning that the Geneon English dub had dubbed the first 3 seasons. [7] It is currently unknown whether Geneon only got to 79 episodes before losing the license and gone under or they were dubbed and are currently lost since both the Discotek DVDs and streaming services are subtitled only from episode 80 onwards.
  • When Streamline got the rights to license the two episodes that became Greatest Capers, TMS gave them the masters that used the Cliff Hanger name. Cliff Hanger was an attempt to bring Lupin to markets where they couldn't legally use his name however only the Laserdisc game and Latin American dubs of Part 1 were known to use the name. Streamline mostly replaced the Cliff Hanger logo with their own custom logo. [5]

Audio Issues

  • Most of the stereo master tapes from episodes 99 onwards are lost as they are not in the archives, the only remains for stereo sound are Opening 3 used in Part 2 Episode 99 and Part 2 Episode 103 as well as the creditless version with sound effects, and Opening 4 used in season 4. The stereo tapes for Part 2 Episode 104, Part 2 Episode 105, Part 2 Episode 124, Part 2 Episode 145, Part 2 Episode 148, Part 2 Episode 154 and Part 2 Episode 155 were found when they were remastered however some are now lost despite being in stereo on the Laserdiscs and VHS releases.
  • The masters of the Italian dub are known to have its audio in poor condition. Since 1987 when Mediaset got the rights, the series received edits and cuts however some of the censorship was reverted in 2004. VHS and DVD releases were based off the censored airings. When Yamato Video was going to release DVD Box sets of the series in December 2007 with Dolmen, there was an issue with 9 episodes. For the scenes that were cut for broadcast that were either never dubbed, cut and lost or the Italian audio became damaged and was unable to be used, the missing scenes reverted to Japanese with Italian subtitles. [6] For the Blu-ray release there was an attempt the fix the issues. Part 2 Episode 73 where the audio in the last five minutes had degraded in TV airings was cleaned up to make it audible. The missing scenes had to be redubbed appearing to use the dubbed script however since the voice actors passed away, unknown voice actors voiced the missing lines doing impressions of the characters. Since the previews were not dubbed, Theme from Lupin III (Preview/theme 20 seconds) plays on all 155 episodes. [7]


  • Due to its popularity in Japan, the Red Jacket series was the basis of the TV Specials after previous failures regarding Pink Jacket (Legend of the Gold of Babylon) and Green Jacket (The Fuma Conspiracy). The Lupin video games (outside of any linked to The Castle of Cagliostro, Lupin III (arcade game) and Lupin III (Super Cassette Vision game)) have the Part II Red Jacket.
  • The series has become extremely popular in Italy, going so far as to have a Lupin Store (a Disney Store-esque shop) located in Milan and is the only other country outside of Japan where re-runs are still aired on various Mediaset channels. There are various buildings with Lupin related artwork painted on. Restaurants that are named after the characters such as Zazà Ramen in Milan and Lupen and Margo (Lupin and Fujiko, with Lupen is spelt as it was pronounced and Margot was the name chosen for the Red Jacket dub) in Florence. Zazà Ramen was later featured in Part 4 Episode 20.


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