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Lupin III is the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the original "gentleman thief", and one of the most famous and most wanted thieves in the world. A ruthless thief with a sense of humor and a weakness for beautiful women (and Fujiko Mine in particular), he is constantly pursued by Inspector Zenigata, and often accompanied by a group of not-so-faithful accomplices as he attempts some of the most outrageous thefts of all time, or deals with the many, many people that want him dead.

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Albert Dandorojii
Albert d'Andrésy (アルベール・ダンドレジー) is a character in the Lupin the Third Part 5 anime series. He works in the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police but has higher ambitions of controlling all of France. Albert serves as both an antagonist and an ally in the series, depending on which suits his needs at a given time.

Latest Lupin III Releases:
  • (Italy) Anime Factory will release a limited edition complete series Blu-ray of Lupin the Third Part II on March 19. Volume 1 for both DVD and Blu-ray will also release on the same day. Volume 2 will be released April 2 and Volume 3 in the future.
  • (US) Discotek will release Fujiko Mine's Lie Blu-ray on March 31.
  • (US) Discotek will release The Last Job Blu-ray on April 28.
  • (US) The Castle of Cagliostro will be released by Discotek on 4K Ultra HD to celebrate its 40th anniversary in the US, release date TBA.
  • Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Lupin III: The First has its premiere delayed with a future date incoming. The Spanish premiere is also delayed due to licensing reasons. Other countries TBA.
  • The Secret of Mamo and Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone will be coming to VOD services. More info coming soon.
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Lupin III THE FIRST I Trailer HD

Lupin III THE FIRST I Trailer HD

Lupin III: The First - Official Trailer

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