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Lupin III H (also known as Lupin the 3rd H) is a comic adaptation of various Lupin media created by Naoya Hayakawa and supervised by TMS Entertainment. Unlike the other post Monkey Punch Lupin manga where it does its own take, Lupin III H is inspired by the anime with character designs taking cues mostly from Lupin the Third Part II and Lupin the Third Part I.

Originally printed in the Lupin III Official Magazine from 2009, this was later collected as volumes and was reprinted in 2015 in Manga Action. Despite technically not being part of the series, Naoya Hayakawa had then worked on Lupin the Third Italiano that continued in Manga Action as the magazine was discontinued.


  1. Lupin III H Volume 1
  2. Lupin III H Volume 2
  3. Lupin III H Is Lupin Burning...?! Compilation
  4. Lupin III H Master Thief VS Lady Looter Compilation
  5. Lupin III H Blood Seal - Eternal Mermaid Compilation
  6. Lupin III H Farewell My Beloved Witch Compilation
  7. Lupin III H The Man Who Steals Stars Compilation
  8. Lupin III H World is Mine Compilation
  9. Lupin III H Brilliant Challenge Compilation