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Lupin III B (also known as Lupin the 3rd "B") is a comic adaptation of various Lupin media created by Tamio Baba and supervised by TMS Entertainment.

Originally printed in the Lupin III Official Magazine from 2010, this was later collected as Treasure of the Criminal Empire and was released on February 28, 2014. There were also chapters that currently have not been collected in the series.

Currently this manga is Japanese only and has not been translated officially or by fans.


Lupin III Official Magazine Treasure of the Criminal Empire Title prepublication date Notes
01 N/A Flower of Eternity (永久(とわ)の花 Eikyū(towa)no hana?) Winter 2010 Not collected
02 N/A Save the Masterpiece from Captivity! (囚われの名画を救え! Toraware no meiga o sukue!?) Spring 2011 Not collected
03 05 Transcontinental Super Express (大陸横断超特急 Tairiku ōdan chō tokkyū?) Spring 2012
04 01 Jigen and Fujiko: 2 People are House-Watching (次元と不二子 2人でお留守番 Jigen to Fujiko 2 nin de o rusuban?) Winter 2013 (2012)
05 02 Goemon's Disciple (五ェ門の弟子 Goemon no deshi?) Spring 2013
06 03 Treasure of the Criminal Empire (犯罪帝国の財宝 Hanzai teikoku no zaihō?) Summer 2013
07 04 Inspector Zenigata's Report (銭形警部の報告書 Zenigata keibu no hōkokusho?) Autumn 2013
08 N/A Fujiko Pot Swing (壷振り不二子 Tsubofuri Fujiko?) Winter 2014 (2013) Not Collected