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Lupin III 3DCG is a 3DCG animation test pilot that was included in Lupin III Master File along with Lupin Family Line-up and Lupin VIII. In the film Lupin attempts to steal a diamond while being pursued by Zenigata.

Long Summary

Lupin III jumps out of a blimp as he headed towards Paris, outside the museum Koichi Zenigata had arrived while Fujiko Mine was inside the museum looking at the diamond. Lupin walks into the room wearing glasses as Fujiko walks out. Daisuke Jigen drives in the Fiat 500 while Lupin glides into the roof top of the museum, he contacts Jigen who drives into an alley as Lupin crawls through a space and goes down on a rope that was guarded by lasers. Someone (presumably security guards) contacted Zenigata and Lupin used a gadget to contain a laser and Lupin heads towards the diamond. There is a jump cut to the room with Lupin and the diamond as Zenigata ordered the police to go after Lupin. Lupin used equipment to deactivate the chip guarding the diamond.

Spotlights were then focused on Lupin by the outside of the museum and Lupin does his spotlight run by the wall and jumped off. Fujiko closed her flip phone as she was outside by her motorbike. Lupin runs down a street with police cars after him and get into the Fiat 500 that Jigen was driving. Lupin takes over driving and moves away as Goemon Ishikawa XIII closed his eyes and using Zantetsuken sliced the police cars that then exploded. An armored vehicle is chasing after Lupin and Jigen with a quick shot of the diamond, they are in a tunnel as the vehicle fired rockets towards them that they avoided. A quick jump cut to Zenigata in a police car then the Fiat 500 driving down a bend as the chip is slowly being deactivated. Jigen fired his magnum at the vehicle but it did nothing as it fired a rocket back. More shots between the chase and the chip deactivating as the Fiat went down another bend and Lupin checked his watch as he approached a 30km speed limit zone. Fujiko on her motorbike was driving through the tunnel and she winked at Lupin as she got out a weapon, she stopped and fired her rocket launcher at the vehicle as Zenigata was in shock. The Fiat 500 drove away as Fujiko looked into the camera.

The shield was deactivated and Lupin grabbed the diamond as he inspected the gem, Zenigata then arrived at the room with his handcuffs, they both smiled at each other.



The primary character design:

Different outfits during the pilot:

LupinIII 3DCG Jumpsuit.png
Lupin's jumpsuit


LupinIII3DCG SpotlightRun.png
Lupin doing the spotlight run by the wall


  • This was the first 3DCG animation produced by TMS, Before this test pilot was created, 3DCG was used in backgrounds and selected objects in TV Specials and Return of the Magician. Video games were also made that had the characters rendered using 3D models with Lupin III: Sage of the Pyramid being the first game that used it for gameplay and Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro ~Re union~ used it for prerendered cutscenes. Lupin III: The First was later created by Marza Animation and is the first full Lupin the 3rd 3DCG film.
  • There is music and sound effects however there are no voices in the pilot.
  • The pilot features different character designs for the characters:
  • Due to the jump cuts and disorganized feel such as Lupin switching between his jacket and the jumpsuit, it is unknown whether more was planned for the pilot.
  • The 2D character designs that appeared where the diamond is shown before the title are different than the TV Specials that were produced at the time of the pilot.