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This is about the OVA adaptation. For the original New Lupin III manga chapter see here.

Lupin Family Line-up is an animated short that was released as part of the "Lupin III Master File" collection on March 28, 2012 along with Lupin VIII and the Lupin III 3DCG short.


Fujiko Mine is invited to a mansion on a solitary island, and the owner of the invitation knows Lupin III. A mysterious man covered with an iron mask was chained to the mansion. Soon, Goemon Ishikawa and Daisuke Jigen will appear separately, but the two fight against each other and begin a fight against death... What on earth has happened to Lupin? Around that time, a police force led by Inspector Zenigata was approaching the island...

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  • Jigen mentions how he almost blew up the island by throwing away the cigarette butt. But Fujiko (disguised as Jigen) was the one who threw away the butt, not him.


  • It is an adaption of the New Lupin III (Manga) chapter however there were some minor changes. The scene where "Lupin" plays with naked puppets of Lupin and Fujiko was dropped. The explanation as to why the island was built was dropped, as it would be out of character for Lupin to intentionally try and kill Zenigata like he did in the manga.
  • It was the last Lupin animation to feature Makio Inoue as Goemon, Eiko Masuyama as Fujiko Mine and Gorō Naya as Inspector Zenigata. It was also the final project from Goro Naya as he died shortly after.
  • Chikao Ōtsuka who voiced Iron Mask also voiced Zenigata in the TV version of the pilot as well as Goemon in Lupin the 3rd Part 1. It is also a reference when Iron Mask turns out to be Goemon.
  • Outside of Lupin wearing a green jacket and Fujiko having dirty blonde hair, it uses the TV Special character designs.



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