A man who claimed to be from the future with a time machine he invented.


Episode 13

Mamo initially appears as a dark haired man with goggles, consealing his eyes and red cape.

Elusiveness of the Fog

Mamo is revamped and now has hair that is a dirty blonde. His cape is replaced with a dark coat and scarf. 



Mamo is one if the few reoccuring villains in the Lupin universe. He appears in episode 13 of the original series and in the tv special Elusiveness of the Fog .

In both instances, his many goal is to kill Lupin although his reasons in doing so vary. In the episode, he attempts to kill Lupin because it would mean the death of his descendent, Lupin the Thirty Third, who wiped out the Kyosuke clan. In Elusiveness of the Fog however, he was trying to kill Lupin because Lupin the Thirteenth stole his girlfriend. 

It should be noted that the two Mamos were from completely different time periods and that Lupin did not know who Mamo was when he saw him in Elusiveness of the Fog. This can be attributed to the fact that these stories may have taken place in different universes or that the existance of a time machine caused the space time continuum to crumble.