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Kogorō Akechi is a character who only appeared in the first chapter in the manga and the Lupin the Third: Pilot Film.

Character History

Akechi is a famous retired detective who pursues Lupin III despite his age. Apart from this, very little is known about him.


While Lupin entered Dr. Ouki's mansion, Akechi turned up and noticed that he had no intention of returning the microfilm that was stolen. He was the only one who noticed that it was Lupin in disguise as he was wearing glasses and that he flicked the microfilm upwards towards a pigeon.


At a mansion where Lupin was hiding out, he was with Heiji Zenigata VII and the police where they have him surrounded. He thought that it was worth seeing as the officers charged into the building.

Akechi while holding a walking stick told Zenigata that he has a hard time arresting Lupin and with his hand on his chin asked whether he wanted to have a go, Zenigata wondered where he has any good ideas and he slowly walked towards the entrance as he threw a rope with a hook towards a window then tied it to the bumper of the police car. While Zenigata wondered what was going to happen next, he got into the police car. It turned out that Akechi was Lupin in disguise as he drove off with Daisuke Jigen and Fujiko Mine who were on a kite however the real Akechi was at the scene and smiled that Lupin managed to disguise as himself.

Source Material

Kogorō Akechi is a fictional detective created by Edogawa Ranpo.