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"Is Lupin Still Burning?" is an anniversary special serving as a remake of the very first episode of the franchise. It was released on Part 5's DVD boxset on July 25, 2018 and shown on Adult Swim's Toonami in the US on December 14, 2019.


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Lupin takes part in a automobile race that Mister X, presumably dead, invited him to. Lupin accepts the invitation, knowing that there's a golden statue him and Jigen tried to steal in the past resting in his mansion.

As Lupin races, Fujiko seeks to steal the gold statue before him, only for it to be revealed as a trap made for Lupin. Mister X captures Fujiko by strapping her to a machine. He activates the machine, summoning several robotic arms to appear and tickle torture her for his sadistic pleasure. Fujiko assumes he wants information out of her, but he states that he only wants to watch Fujiko suffer while she watches Lupin and his friends disappear via Mamo Kyousuke's time traveling machine, and all she can do is laugh and scream until the tickling kills her.

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Mamo activates his machine and zaps Lupin as well as Zenigata during the race. Lupin expresses confusion as to what happened, realizing that he's now wearing his green jacket. Pycal jumps onto his car from a plane and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to hand over a film. Before he can shoot Lupin, he kicks Pycal out of the car, but he jumps back in again and holds a knife to his neck. Pycal attempts to blow fire at him, but Lupin had already took the flamethrower from his sleeve. He kicks Pycal out of the car and Zenigata behind him hits Pycal off the cliff and into the ocean below.

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Lupin is then transported into another time period where his jacket is red. He encounters Jigen who attempts to steal his car, not knowing who Lupin is yet. Lupin offers to drive him to where he wants to go, where he meets a man to face off. Lupin waits in the car a distance away from them. They draw and Jigen is shot directly in the arm. This causes present day Jigen to disappear in front of Goemon. Kyosuke Mamo explains that when Lupin changes the past, the present does as well.

Lupin is thrown back through more past events by Mamo, where his jacket is once again green. Zenigata is injured in a car accident caused by Goemon, slicing his car in half. Lupin kills Poon, Fujiko's ex-partner in crime, which causes Fujiko to also disappear in the present time period as the machine starts tickling her with tongues, almost killing her. Mamo states that Lupin and Fujiko's relationship has been changed due of the death of Poon. Mister X is saddened that he didn't get to watch Fujiko die laughing. Lupin is then shot by Fujiko in vengeance.

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Lupin wakes up in an apartment with the golden statue on a table nearby. He notices a recent bullet scar where Fujiko had shot him. He dismisses it and flops himself back onto his bed and unintentionally turns to the news via the TV remote. Lupin finds out from the news report that Goemon has become an assassin and Zenigata is the one employed to catch him. Lupin becomes aware of the reason why he was taken back in the past; so his relationships would change. Lupin later encounters Jigen, now a homeless man living on the streets. Goemon makes an escape with Fujiko, and Lupin accidentally points their location to Zenigata. Lupin realizes that because the past has changed, no one knows who he is. Mamo then emerges from the alley with a gun.

Late at night, Mamo wakes up Mister X and reveals he caught Lupin. When Mister X starts tugging on Lupin's face to taunt him, however, he tears off the mask; Lupin (dressed as Mamo) had tied up Mamo and gotten his friends back. As it turns out, Goemon and Jigen used their skills to help Lupin out, as they were curious about him for some reason, as though they were connected. Lupin then stole Zenigata's car (resulting in a "LUPIN!" from the inspector, much to the his confusion) to stop Mamo from escaping. The gang lets them off easy this time, with Goemon only slicing Mamo's clothes before leaving. Mister X tries to activate an emergency attack, only to find that his bedroom is a ruse, and that they have been taken to the jurassic age of the dinosaurs. Lupin reveals that he was lying the whole time, and travels back with his friends before they can question him.

Back in the present day, Lupin wins the race, with all of his friends driving alongside him, including a determined Zenigata on their tail, as always.

Voice cast


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Daisuke Namikawa
Fujiko Mine Miyuki Sawashiro
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Kōichi Yamadera
Mister X Chafurin
Kyosuke Mamo Manabu Muraji
Pycal Hiroshi Yanaka
Sandayu Momochi Jin Urayama
Poon Atsushi Ono
Announcer Yumiko Matsuura


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Tony Oliver
Daisuke Jigen Richard Epcar
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Lex Lang
Fujiko Mine Michelle Ruff
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Doug Erholtz
Mister X Derek Stephen Prince
Kyosuke Mamo Paul St. Peter
Pycal Kaiji Tang
Stoneman Keith Silverstein
Sandayu Momochi Michael Sorich
Poon Kaiji Tang
News Anchor Stephanie Sheh


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Stefano Onofri
Jigen Daisuke Alessandro D'Errico
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Antonio Palumbo
Fujiko Mine Alessandra Korompay
Inspector Zenigata Rodolfo Bianchi
Mister X Mario Zucca
Kyosuke Mamo Matteo De Mojana*
Pycal Luigi Rosa*
(as Whisky)
Sandayu Momochi Cesare Rasini*
Poon Unknown
(as Pank)
News Reporter Unknown
  • - Speculation due to no credits.


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Maxime Donnay
Daisuke Jigen Michel Hinderyckx
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Jean-Francois Rossion
Fujiko Mine Audrey Devos
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Robert Dubois
M. X Benoit Van Dorslaer
Kyosuke Mamo Erwin Grunspan
Pycal Johnathan Simon
Stoneman Didier Colfs
Sandayu Momochi Patrick Waleffe
Poon Laurent Renard
Présentatrice Sophie Pyronnet


  • This was the last piece of animation that Monkey Punch himself was directly involved with has he co-directed it with Jun Kawagoe.
  • For the English dub, Kyosuke Mamo is voiced by Paul St. Peter, who voiced Mamo from The Mystery of Mamo. It is unknown whether this was intentional or not, though people have speculated that there was some confusion between the two Mamos.
  • The Italian dub despite using the 1987 title "Lupin contro tutti" uses the original dub names for Pycal (Whiskey) and Poon (Punk). Notable, Lupin also calls Zenigata "Paparino" rather than the customary Zazà used in a majority of dubs.
  • As well as being a remake of Part 1 Episode 1, the OVA references are:


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