"Is Lupin Burning...?!" is the first episode of the Green Jacket series. It originally aired on October 24, 1971.


The Hida Speedway has been completed and Lupin is looking to take top prize at the first race. The race is actually a trap designed by the Scorpion Gang who are intent on killing Lupin and eliminating all criminal competition.



In the 1987 Italian redub, nearly all of the torture scene with Fujiko was removed. [1]


  • This was an adaption of the comic chapter 56 - Dead Heat that in turn was also the basis of Wager on the Monaco GP and the remake Is Lupin Still Burning?.[1]
  • The Hida Speedway was based on the Fuji Speedway and the original layout of the course, however it was not used in Formula One until 1976 and again in 1977 with a different layout. After 1977, it was retired due to a crash that killed two spectators until 2007-2008 where it briefly returned.


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