A Lupin impostor in Tokyo committing shoplifting gets caught and the news is broadcasted around the world. This brings Lupins from all over converging on Tokyo, each claiming to be the real one and wanting to prove it. Zenigata returns to Tokyo to help the police try to sort out the real Lupin from the seemingly endless fakes, all looking as Lupin has looked over the years complete with the red, green, and even pink jackets. Yasuo works at a ramen restaurant and is dating the pretty news reporter Yukiko. However, things aren't going well for him financially and after a customer leaves a green jacket behind,
02 Yasuo

Yasuo starts adding to his income by walking the crowded streets of the Tokyo metroplex and stealing people's wallets. With this, he's able to buy his girlfriend a nice ring even though she says he didn't need to buy this for her.

Over time, Yasuo becomes obsessed with becoming Lupin to the point that he reads and watches everything regarding him. He even works with Jigen for a time, disguised as Lupin. However, when Yasuo learns of the Ice Cube diamond, he knows that if he can steal this, he will be the real Lupin. With Fujiko at his side, he attempts to make the theft, only to have the "real" Lupin interrupt. This leads the red jacket Lupin and the green jacket Lupin in a face-off with the winner becoming the real Lupin. When the battle is over, a red jacket Lupin leaves with Jigen. Yukiko's ring is hanging on a chain from the rear-view mirror.

List of Lupin's present in some form in this OAV


  • This OVA was made exclusively for the 40th Anniversary of the Franchise.
  • Yasuo & Yukiko were named after the original voice actors of Lupin & Fujiko.
  • The first Lupin anime to feature & sponsor McDonald's Restraunt's name.
  • The brouch that one of the Lupin's was holding was the same one from the $1 Money War TV special.
  • The opening theme is "Fire Treasure" the same opening theme in Castle of Cagliostro, there is also a scene where a Lupin imposter is watching Castle of Cagliostro off view, with a Cagliostro poster close by.