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Goro "Yata" Yatagarasu is a character introduced in Lupin the 3rd Part 5. He's Zenigata's assistant and accompanies him on his quest to arrest Lupin.


Yata is young and enthusiastic, and takes his job very seriously-sometimes to a fault-and initially didn't understand why Zenigata would continue to pursue Lupin when its stagnates his career. Nevertheless, he's willing to stay by Zenigata's side out of his loyalty and faith for his superior.


Part 5

Yata is portrayed as a young ICPO officer who's been assigned as Zenigata's assistant. He has a strong sense of justice and doesn't always see the nuances of a situation, sometimes leading to him questioning Zenigata's decisions or accusing him of going easy on Lupin. Despite this, he greatly respects the inspector and will take his side when he feels he's being treated unfairly by his superiors.

Prison of the Past

Yata returns in the 2019 TV Special Prison of the Past, making him one of the few characters aside the main five to appear in more than one entry in the franchise.

Part 6

Yata returns again in Lupin the 3rd Part 6. Similar to his role in Part 5, he works as Zenigata's assistant.


  • He is named after Zenigata's long-time voice actor, the late Gorō Naya.
  • His name in full shares some kanji with the original Zenigata's sidekick, Hachigoro, a devoted but unimaginative downtown lad.


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