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Farewell to Nostradamus (くたばれ!ノストラダムス Kutabare! Nosutoradamusu?) is the 4th Lupin the 3rd movie released on March 31, 1995. It was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and Telecom Animation Film, directed by Shunya Itō and Takeshi Shirato, and written by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Shunya Itō.

Released ten years after The Legend of the Gold of Babylon, this marks the first appearance of Kanichi Kurita as the voice of Lupin III in the anime series' history.


Set in January 1999, a simple diamond heist leads Lupin into the machinations of a bizarre apocalyptic cult based around the prophecies of Nostradamus. The cult's plan involves kidnapping Julia, the daughter of Douglas, a wealthy American who is seeking to run in the 2000 presidential election. At stake is the lost book of Nostradamus, which Douglas holds in a high tech vault at the top of his skyscraper. Can Lupin rescue Julia, find a way into the vault, and discover the connection between the cult and the kidnapping? And what about his diamond?

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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita
Yasuo Yamada (trailer voice)
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Gorō Naya
Julia Yumi Adachi
Raizury Hōsei Komatsu
Mary Douglas Fumi Dan
Chris Akio Ōtsuka
Philip Jōji Yanami
Sergio Takaaki Hiyoshi
Douglas Osamu Saka

Additional Voices:[1]

  • Fumihiko Tachiki as Bart
  • Toranori Yoshikawa as Smith
  • Yōko Nomura as Flight Attendant
  • Yuzuru Fujimoto as Commander
  • Takashi Irie as Religious Soldier
  • Sayuri Sadaoka as Old Woman
  • Tarō Arakawa as Mario
  • Yasuyuki Hirata as Steve
  • Mahito Tsujimura as Store Owner
  • Natsumi Asaoka as In-flight Announcement
  • Hisaya Ishiguro as Hijacker
  • Kōji Ochiai as Hijacker
  • Kumiko Tsunoda as Miss Brazil
  • Tsunehisa Fujī as SP
English ("Farewell to Nostradamus")
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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Sonny Strait
Daisuke Jigen Christopher R. Sabat
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Mike McFarland
Fujiko Mine Meredith McCoy‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Phillip Wilburn
Julia Laura Bailey
Raizury Josh Martin
(as Rhisley)
Maria Colleen Clinkenbeard
Chris Dameon Clarke
Philip Dameon Clarke
Sergio Aaron Dismuke
Douglas Brice Armstrong

Additional Voices:

  • Kyle Hebert as Hijacker A
  • Wendy Powell as Old Woman
  • Caitlin Glass
Italian ("Le profezie di Nostradamus")
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Characters Voice Actors
(Mediaset TV dub)
(DVD dub)
Lupin III Roberto Del Giudice Roberto Del Giudice
Daisuke Jigen Sandro Pellegrini Sandro Pellegrini
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Antonio Palumbo Antonio Palumbo
Fujiko Mine Alessandra Korompay‏‎ Alessandra Korompay‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Rodolfo Bianchi Enzo Consoli
Julia Unknown Letizia Ciampa
Raizury Mario Bombardieri
(as Raizuly)
Pietro Biondi
(as Raizuly)
Maria Unknown Unknown
Chris Davide Marzi Massimo De Ambrosis
Philip Unknown Unknown
Sergio Alessio Puccio Fabrizio De Flaviis
Douglas Stefano De Sando Stefano De Sando
French ("Adieu, Nostradamus!")
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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Bruno Magne
(as Lupan)
Daisuke Jigen Hervé Caradec
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Constantin Pappas
Fujiko Mine Nathalie Homs‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Constantin Pappas
Julia Lucile Boulanger
Raizury Frédéric Cerdal
(as Rhisley)
Maria Danièle Hazan
Chris Hervé Caradec
Philip Frédéric Cerdal
Sergio Nathalie Homs
Douglas Gilbert Lévy
German ("Farewell to Nostradamus")
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Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Peter Flechtner
Daisuke Jigen Tilo Schmitz
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Peter Reinhardt
Fujiko Mine Ghadah Al-Akel‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Stefan Staudinger
Julia Victoria Frenz
Raizury Rainer Brandt
(as Raisuli)
Maria Liane Rudolph
Chris Jan Spitzer
Philip Walter Alich
Sergio Unknown
Douglas Reinhard Kuhnert

Additional voices:[2]

  • Eva-Maria Werth as Old Woman
  • Michael Bauer
  • Dirk Müller


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Promo Poster saying Lupin the III - Lupin is Back



  • The film is a condemnation on Aum Shinrikyo, the terrorist cult responsible for the 1995 Tokyo Subway Attack.
  • This was the first appearance of Kanichi Kurita as the voice of Lupin III however this was originally going to be Yasuo Yamada's final Lupin project. In the trailers, Yasuo was the voice of Lupin but he passed away before the final voice recording was made so Kanichi took over.
  • Originally Yoshito Yasuhara was considered for the role of Lupin as he was studying under Yasuo Yamada however Kanichi Kurita was chosen.[3]
  • This was the first theatrical release of a Lupin film since The Legend of the Gold of Babylon. However the OVA The Plot of the Fuma Clan was also screened in cinemas, the film was produced due to the success of the TV Specials that were aired on NTV.
  • The film took 8 months to be produced. Due to the working conditions given by chief director and co-writer Toshiya Ito causing the staff to work overtime all day and night[4], the staff at Telecom were demotivated and refused to work on Lupin the 3rd until the TVSP Elusiveness of the Fog.[5]
  • During the end of the credits there is a dedication that reads "To Yasuo Yamada, Eternal Lupin III: Thank you!".
  • Maria mentions that the 1994 World Cup and the 1996 Olympics were held at the Douglas Foundation. The 1994 World Cup in real life was held in 9 major cities of the US, while the 1996 Olympics was actually held in Atlanta, Georgia.
    • It should be noted that the 1999 setting was in order to future-proof the film as TMS Entertainment would not be able to know where the Summer Olympics would be held. In the dub Fujiko simply states that the 70th through 100th stories have sporting stadiums for every sport imaginable including the possibility of hosting the Olympics, as pointed out by the indoor ski slope being present to host a potential Winter Olympics.
  • According to Fujiko, the Earth Building is 200 stories and its height is 1000 meters (3281 feet) tall. Had this building existed in the year 1999, it would beat the Petronas Towers' record of being the tallest building in the world. The Petronas Towers were only 452 meters (1483 feet) tall.
    • In the dub, Fujiko refers to the building as being 200 stories and 3000 feet tall, all while still beating the aforementioned record.
    • Jigen jokingly and sarcastically compares the Earth Building to the Tower of Babel, referencing the previous film which featured it as part of its plot.
  • The plot shares also some similarities with the fifth movie of Detective Conan, aired in 2001.
  • From 1:04:18-1:04:21 Lupin watches a cartoon that had a duck chasing after a bear. The characters are inspired by Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck from Tiny Toon Adventures. This was because Telecom who animated the film were also involved with some of the episodes from the series along with other studios that worked with TMS and other outsourced studios that Warner Bros. used.

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