Doctor Zell (ドクター・ゼル ,Dokutā Zeru) was a Nazi experimental scientist and the main antagonist of episodes 50-51: Lupin, Whom I Loved - Part 1 & 2 of the Red Jacket series.


Doctor Zell was a high ranking officer in Nazi Germany as well as a part time surgeon\scientist. As part of a project commissioned by Adolf Hitler himself, Zell experimented on countless victims, testing the limits of human bounds and other sinister curiosities. As Hitler's Germany crumbled before his eyes, Zell grabbed his beloved only daughter Cornelia, a few of his loyal assistants, and set off for Venezuela, South America. Once there, Zell stumbled upon an unassuming graveyard; this was the perfect place to hide his base of operations. With the stolen Nazi treasures he had safely brought with him from Germany and a local haul of South American Diamonds, Zell was able to set up a smuggling ring which provided him with funding to start his research anew. Beneath the cementery, Zell rebuilt his Laboratory, as well as many other accommodations for his wild schemes. Zell once again returned to his old experiments and further continued his studies on the human mind & body.



  • Doctor Zell is primarily based upon Doctor Josef Mengele, a real life Nazi officer and mad experimental scientist who performed strange and brutal experiments on human subjects at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War. Doctor Mengele fled to South America after the Third Reich was disbanded and sucessfully eluded the authorities for the remainder of his years.
  • Hiroki Sawada, a Japanese child prodigy in the sixth movie of the anime Detective Conan, aired in 2002, shares many common traits with Doctor Zell. Indeed, before committing suicide at the tender age of ten, falling from the top of the Schindler Building in State of Massachusetts where he lived, Hiroki uploaded his mind into a computer and created an artificial intelligence system called Noah's Ark, that grew at the rate five human years in the span of one year. Of course, Lupin III was one of Aoyama Gosho's sources of inspiration when writing the manga of Detective Conan.
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