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Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! (バイバイ・リバティー・危機一発! Baibai Ribatii Kiki Ippatsu!?) is the 1st Lupin the 3rd TV Special released on April 1, 1989.

Official Synopsis

With the development of information networks, Lupin's information has been accumulated in databases all over the world, and all his behavior patterns have come to be predicted. Jigen with his old friend Rooster brings a new job to Lupin, who is thinking of retiring. However, a mysterious secret society, Three Mason, appears in the hiding place and Rooster is shot dead while he escapes. With Rooster's last words in mind, Lupin and Jigen vow to steal the world's largest diamond hidden in the Statue of Liberty.

Long Summary

One rainy night, Inspector Zenigata arrives at Paris Police Headquarters, requesting files on P-26, Lupin the Third. On his way out, however, he runs into the real Zenigata, the first being Lupin himself in disguise. Zenigata gives chase, but Lupin, with his suitcase worth of files, escapes via jetpack.

In New York, Daisuke Jigen demands directions to 536 Camel St. from a couple of gangsters. There, he finds Lupin sitting back, taking it easy. Lupin shows him the tapes he accumulated; a super computer has documented his every move, and made copies of all copies for every computer. As it would take about 50 years to get it all, Lupin has decided to give up his life of crime and settle down. Jigen offers one last job, but they are interrupted when Lupin's new girlfriend, Judy, arrives. With Lupin occupied and Goemon Ishikawa off to train, Jigen goes to an old friend, Rooster. Meanwhile, Fujiko Mine is on a cruise with her new boyfriend, Jimmy Cantz. However, she knows that he is part of a sinister plot, and eavesdrops on a coversation between him and his cult. When Zenigata finds Lupin's apartment, he is surpised; not only is there a young boy in place of the wolf, but the boy also knows confidential information, such as how many times Zenigata has failed to catch Lupin.

Jigen and Rooster prepare for their heist when Lupin suddenly appears, ready for work again; Judy has been seeing other men, and has drained his credit cards dry; Lupin is not just broke, but $300 million in debt! A group of thugs try to take them down, but Lupin is able to hold them off while Jigen and Rooster escape. As the thugs run off to find them, Lupin comes across the boy, who claims to have a job for him. Lupin, unnerved, runs off to find Jigen and Rooster. Rooster, however, ends up shot and dies. Jigen tells Lupin that Rooster hid the biggest diamond in the world, the Super Egg, in the Statue of Liberty, and the thugs that were after him are a part of the Three Masons. Lupin and Jigen head to the Statue of Liberty. Detecting his moves, the Coast Guard Patrol tries to stop them. Lupin uses explosive homing ducks to get rid of them, but they are persistent. Deciding that they need as little interference as possible, Lupin places a case on the statue, and bites down on a capsule, activating a balloon within the case. Soon, the Statue of Liberty is flying away. The two are suprised, however, when they find the boy again, who's using his computer to help them find a place to hide the statue. They fly past a plane with Fujiko and Jimmy on board, the latter incredibly peeved.

In Alaska, Goemon saves a woman named Isabel for even more of the Three Mason, and he becomes infuatated with her. They seek shelter from the snow via cabin. Meanwhile, Lupin has put the Statue of Liberty in the Grand Canyon, where he inspects it for the diamond. Feeling bad for the boy after seeing a depressing image on his computer, Lupin bites and asks about the boy's job. The boy wants Lupin to steal a program that can control computer viruses; he has a floppy disk that has a virus that can destroy data. Seeing it as a shortcut to erase his files from the police computers, Lupin attempts to put the diamond heist on hold, but Jigen won't have any of it. All the while, the leader of the Three Masons demands they find the Statue of Liberty, as well as the "neovirus."

Jimmy takes Fujiko to his company's building, but Fujiko sees through it and recognizes it as the lair of the Three Masons and a big jewel smuggling plot. As she snoops around and helps herself to the jewels, she overhears the leader talking about the Super Egg and neovirus, including the betrayal of "Number 2." She is soon caught by Jimmy. Elsewhere, Lupin and Jigen find the Super Egg within the Statue's torch, just as the Three Masons arrive. As Jigen tries to fend them off, Lupin is chased off with Michael on his back. Zenigata arrives at the desert, where he runs into Lupin and Michael. Lupin is quickly handcuffed. Goemon and Isabel are also in Arizona, the latter wanting to see the Grand Canyon, and meet up with Jigen. Lupin is able to break out of prison using his homing ducks, and the other three arrive on horses to free him from his cuffs. They retreat to New Orleans, as Isabel wants to hear the dixieland jazz. Isabel becomes flirty with Lupin, and asks where he hid the diamond. However, the Three Masons strike again. Once they are safe, Lupin reveals that he doesn't have it, and puts a piece of gum into his mouth. Meanwhile, Fujiko finds herself a part of some ritual.

Lupin finds Michael in Zenigata's care at New York Grand Central Station, where he uses the gum to reveal his identity. Michael has the Super Egg, packed in a football shaped case. As Jigen transports them back, however, they find Fujiko floating in one of the tunnels. Stranger still, when Lupin and Isabel trade the diamond for cash money, Fujiko holds Isabel at gunpoint, and with the Three Masons' help, tries to make off with both. Jigen is able to shoot the rope and stop her, but Isabel is captured. Michael reveals that Isabel is his mother, and a computer scientist; she created the neovirus. Jimmy confronts Isabel, who is revealed the be the traitor, Number 2. Goemon goes off to find her, passing by a freezing Zenigata. Lupin and Jigen set off to exchange the diamond for Isabel, leaving Michael in the care of Fujiko, who has recovered after being possessed by the Three Masons.

Isabel and Jimmy take out the leader, dubbing themselves the new Number 1 and Number 2. Goemon sees everything, and takes his anger out on some thugs. When he goes to cut down Isabel, a trapdoor opens, and he falls to the water below, greeted by Zenigata. Lupin and Jigen arrive, but also fall prey to the trapdoor. As they prepare the leader (whom was pushed in as well) for eternal rest, Lupin uses his jet-fueled shoes to blast himself out. He then confronts Jimmy, who reveals he wants the power of the neovirus. Lupin disguises himself as a member of the Three Masons, and sees Isabel reveal the neovirus, which has been kept safe within her selfconscience. With the power of the neovirus out in the open, Jimmy shoots Isabel, ready to take it for himself. With a wounded Isabel on his back, Lupin reunites with the group in an elevator; Fujiko and Michael had also come to bust them out. Seeing Isabel wounded, Goemon furiously slices the Super Egg diamond to pieces. Michael and Isabel reunite and embrace. Jimmy isn't done, however; he uses the neovirus to infect the USA and USSR, and prepares to launch missiles that will eliminate the whole world. Michael gets the notice from his computer, and with Lupin's help, is able to shut it down. As a last ditch effort, Jimmy presses a self-destruct button, and the whole places begins to crumble. Lupin and his gang escape via helicopter. With one last kiss from her son, Isabel dies.

Back at the apartment, Fujiko arrives and offers Lupin and Jigen a job. Jigen is open for it, but Lupin is busy; he is attempting to access Isabel's files to the neovirus, and wants to use it to clear both his police files and his debt. As Fujiko and Jigen discuss how Goemon is back in Alaska, starting from scratch, a mini quake starts, as Lupin's image appears on the computer screen, before slowly dissolving to nothing.


Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Yasuo Yamada
Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Gorō Naya
Isabel Yui Komazuka
Michael Mayumi Tanaka
Jimmy Cantz Masane Tsukayama
Silverman Michio Maeyama
Jones Unshō Ishizuka
Ed Kenichi Ogata
Rooster Tamio Ōki
Judy Naoko Kōda

Additional Voices:[1]

Italian ("Lupin e il mago dei computers" [Mediaset] / "Il virus beta" / "Bye Bye Liberty - Scoppia la Crisi!")
Click on "Show" to view the cast
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Roberto Del Giudice
Daisuke Jigen Sandro Pellegrini
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Antonio Palumbo
Fujiko Mine Alessandra Korompay‏‎‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Enzo Consoli
Isabel Alba Cardilli
(as Isabella)
Michael Ilaria Stagni
Jimmy Cantz Unknown
Silverman Mario Erpichini
Jones Unknown
Ed Unknown
Rooster Unknown
Judy Unknown
English ("Goodbye Lady Liberty")
Click on "Show" to view the cast
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III William Dufris
(as Wolf the Third)
Daisuke Jigen Eric Meyers
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Garrick Hagon
Fujiko Mine Toni Barry
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Seán Barrett
Isabel Liza Ross
(as Isabella)
Michael Susan Sheridan
Jimmy Cantz Peter Marinker
(as Jimmy Smith)
Silverman Don Fellows
Jones Bob Sherman
Ed Colin Bruce
Rooster Bob Sherman
Judy Susan Sheridan

Additional voices:

  • Bob Sherman as Driver
  • Garrick Hagon as Police Officer
  • Toni Barry
  • Colin Bruce
  • Don Fellows
Spanish ("Goodbye Lady Liberty")
Click on "Show" to view the cast
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Txema Moscoso
Daisuke Jigen Unknown
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Alvaro Maria Sanchez
Fujiko Mine Monica Erdozia‏‎
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Juan Carlos Lóriz
Isabel Maribel Legarretta
(as Isabella)
Michael Ana Teresa Bengoetxea
Jimmy Cantz Kepa Cueto
Silverman Juan Ramón Fernández de Castro
Jones José María Regalado
Ed Unknown
Rooster Francisco Javier Pombo
Judy Ana Begoña Eguileor

Additional voices [2]:

  • Josu Varela as Computer
French ("Goodbye Lady Liberty")
Click on "Show" to view the cast
Characters Voice Actors
Lupin III Tony Joudrier
(as Cliff Hanger on the DVD cover and Wolf for the dub)
Daisuke Jigen Michel Blin
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Patrick Béthune
Fujiko Mine Hélène Bizot
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Jacques Albaret
Isabel Unknown
(possibly Florence Dumortier)
Michael Hélène Bizot
Jimmy Cantz Unknown
Silverman Unknown
Jones Unknown
Ed Unknown
Rooster Tony Joudrier
Judy Hélène Bizot

Additional voices [3]:

  • Patrick Béthun as Number 1 and Taxi Driver


  • Original work: Monkey Punch
  • Director: Osamu Dezaki
  • Assistant Director: Toshiya Shinohara
  • Screenplay: Hiroshi Kashiwabara
  • Storyboard: Sakikura
  • Assistant Production: Hiroyuki Yano
  • Character design / animation director: Noboru Furuse
  • Assistant animation director: Yasuchika Nagaoka, Yuzo Sato
  • Art Director: Mitsuki Nakamura
  • Cinematographer: Hirokata Takahashi, Taizo Matsuzaki
  • Editing: Sayaka Tsurubuchi
  • Music by: Yuji Ohno
  • Music Director: Seiji Suzuki
  • Recording Director: Satoshi Katō
  • Sound effects: Yukiyoshi Itokawa
  • Recording production: Tohokushinsha
  • Producer: Shinji Takahashi, Bunichi Matsumoto
  • Scenario Director: Junichi Iioka
  • Producers: Minoru Yasuda, Hidehiko Takei, Motoyoshi Tokunaga
  • Planning cooperation: WOrds, Junichi Iioka office
  • Graphic cooperation: Video Sunmall
  • Planning / Production: NTV
  • Produced by: Tokyo Movie Shinsha


The official soundtrack of the movie was originally released on December 21st, 1994 in "Lupin the 3rd TV Special & Part III Music File Box" CD Compilation[4]. On October 21st, 2000, a CD including only the OST of the movie was released[5].

The opening theme is Theme from Lupin III '89 and the ending theme is "Endless Twilight -Saigo no Shinjuu-", a song composed by Yuji Ohno and performed by Akemi Keida.

List of music used in the movie

Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call!
Start End Title OST Description
00:48 01:20 不明 その2 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Arriving of Zenigata in the Paris Police Headquarters
02:31 01:35 M2 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Zenigata trying to catch Lupin in the elevator
03:57 05:04 Theme from Lupin III '89 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Opening scene
05:08 06:30 M3 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jigen looking for Lupin
07:31 08:02 M4 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Judy entering in the apartment of Lupin
08:26 08:33 M6 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! First appearance of Goemon refusing Jigen's job
08:42 09:25 M7 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! First appearance of Mine Fujiko on a boat with Jimmy
09:51 10:00 M8 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fujiko spying on Jimmy
10:21 10:37 不明 その2 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Zenigata arriving at Lupin's hideout
11:12 12:12 M9 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jigen and Rooster discussing about the job
12:46 13:14 M10#2 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin entering in Jigen's hideout
13:56 15:03 M11 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Enemies attacking Jigen, Lupin and Rooster
15:12 15:48 M12 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin driving the truck
16:17 17:06 M13#1 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jigen warning Eric's man about their lives
17:11 17:20 M14 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jigen escaping with Rooster
18:45 20:11 M15 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jigen explaining to Lupin the job about the Super Egg and The Three Masons
20:55 21:40 M16 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fuma Clan attacking Lupin and Jigen
22:05 22:34 M17 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and Jigen setting the plan to steal the statue of Liberty
22:50 23:25 M18 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and Jigen stealing the statue of Liberty
24:13 24:33 M19 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fujiko seeing Lupin and Jigen flying with the statue of Liberty
25:41 26:24 M20 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon rescuing a lady on a train in Alaska
26:38 27:13 M21 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Isabelle implicitly kissing Goemon
27:38 28:31 M22 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon cutting once again a worthless object
29:09 29:28 M24 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Transition to Lupin and Jigen who are in Grand Canyon
29:53 30:27 M25 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin shearching for the Super Egg
30:29 31:05 M26B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Michael playing video games
31:05 31:23 M27B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Michael's present state of mind
31:23 32:01 M26B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Michael explaining the function of the virus
33:04 33:34 M28 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin searching for the Super Egg
33:34 33:57 M29 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Number 1 first appearance
34:32 34:43 M30 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Zenigata mumbling across the road
35:05 35:50 M31 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin putting a camouflage on the Liberty statue
36:19 36:24 M32 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy and Fujiko entering in the headquarters of the Fuma clan
36:26 36:32 M34 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy and Fujiko entering in the headquarters of the Fuma clan (bis)
36:54 38:16 M33 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fujiko infiltrating the headquarters
38:26 38:31 M34 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Beggining of the conversion between Jimmy and Number 1
38:57 39:08 M35 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fujiko infiltrating the headquarters
39:53 40:43 M37 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Number 1 explaining the Super Egg and capturing Fujiko
40:57 41:04 M38 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy trying to kill Fujiko
41:34 42:12 M39 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Zenigata going to the Grand Canyon on taxi
42:48 43:57 M40 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin finding the Super Egg
44:24 45:08 不明 その1 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fuma clan attacking Lupin and Jigen in Grand Canyon
45:29 46:08 M42 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Zenigata and the taxi running out of gas
46:20 46:36 M43B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Zenigata finally catching Lupin
46:57 47:35 M44 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon rescuing Jigen and introduce him Isabelle
49:11 50:08 Theme from Lupin '89 (short ver.) Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin escaping the prison and escaping with his crew and Isabelle
50:08 50:25 M46 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin arriving in New Orleans
51:23 52:01 M47 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Dining time on the boat
52:42 54:04 M48B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and Isabelle having a little discussion about the Super Egg
54:20 54:44 M49 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and Isabelle escaping from the attack of the fuma clan
54:49 55:12 ??? -- Lupin flirting with Isabelle
55:25 55:35 M49 (short ver.) Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon and Jigen rescuing Lupin and Isabelle
55:42 56:43 M50 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and the crew coming back to New York
57:41 59:07 M51 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fujiko being hypnotize by the Fuma clan
1:00:26 1:01:00 M52 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin catching Michael at the train station
1:01:17 1:02:13 M53 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fujiko meeting Lupin in the funnel
1:02:29 1:02:48 M54A/M54B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and Isabelle doing the exchange
1:02:51 1:03:44 M55 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Fuma clan interrupting the deal and retrieving Isabelle, the Super Egg and the cash
1:04:44 1:05:24 M56 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Micheal explaining that it's his mother (Isabelle) who develop the Neovirus
1:05:55 1:06:20 M57 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Number 1 giving a rendezvous point to Lupin
1:06:30 1:07:28 M58 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy talking to Isabelle (or Number 2)
1:07:33 1:08:07 M59 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy being manipulate by Isabelle
1:08:19 1:08:48 M60 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon leaving the motel
1:09:55 1:10:19 M61 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Isabelle entering in Number 1 bedroom
1:10:27 1:11:23 M62 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Isabelle distracting Number 1 and Jimmy killing him
1:11:43 1:12:35 M63 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon being in fury after seeing the act of Isabelle
1:14:02 1:14:33 M64B Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin and Jigen being trap by Isabelle and Jimmy
1:14:47 1:15:00 M65 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Number 1's corpse falling in the pit
1:15:55 1:16:32 M67 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Isabelle preparing herself for the ceremony
1:16:40 1:17:04 M68 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin catching Jimmy in the elevator shaft
1:17:41 1:18:39 M69 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy explaining the connection between the Super Egg and the Neovirus
1:18:44 1:21:08 M70 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Isabelle starting the ceremony
1:21:25 1:21:44 M72 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Isabelle completing the ceremony
1:22:19 1:22:43 M73 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy stabbing Isabelle
1:23:04 1:23:15 M74 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jigen and Goemon escaping the pit thanks to Fujiko
1:23:21 1:23:40 ??? -- Lupin escaping from the Fuma clan
1:23:57 1:24:15 M75 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy destroying the elevator button
1:24:28 1:24:37 M77 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Goemon cutting Jimmy and the Super Egg
1:24:52 1:25:38 M78 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Micheal hugging Isabelle (his mother)
1:26:01 1:27:05 M79 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Jimmy releasing the Neovirus through the world
1:28:09 1:29:29 M80 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin taking Micheal with him to defuse the nuclear missile
1:29:43 1:30:04 ??? -- Micheal successfully defuse the missile
1:31:24 1:32:22 M81 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! IBye-Bye Liberty - Close Call!sabelle last words
1:32:35 1:32:49 M82 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Lupin trying to recreate the Neovirus
1:34:07 1:26:08 Endless Twilight -Saigo no Shinjuu- Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call! Ending credits


Further Information: Home Media Releases/TVSP#Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call!


Monkey Punch Promo Art


Translation Notes

Name Changes

  • Due to copyright reasons regarding the Arsène Lupin name and that the dub was done in the UK rather than the US, in the English dub Lupin is called Wolf the Third, as had been done by most English Lupin III dubs. Jigen and Fujiko also give him the nickname Wolfie. His name still comes up as Lupin on police files and computer databases.
  • Goemon is pronounced as GOH-mihn in the English dub.
  • Isabel became Isabella in the English, Italian and Spanish dubs.
  • The organization was renamed in the English dub from The Three Masons to C.T.U.I (Conquer the Universe Inc.) as the name resembled an actual secret organization in the US and UK called the Freemasons.
  • Jimmy Cantz was renamed to Jimmy Smith as the former sounds like a vulgar swear in English.
  • The woman that Lupin dated was called Judy in the Japanese original. However, she was nameless in the English dub.
  • The New Virus / Neovirus was renamed to the Manipulative Virus. The Italian dub called it the Beta Virus.

Other Changes

  • The dialogue within the dub is punched up or rewritten for extra humor. That being said, there were two lines that were dialed down. When Lupin talks to Michael about his mother in the Japanese original, he brings up the idea of him being breastfed at two different points. In the English dub, his lines were changed from this to wanting "a hug and a cookie" and living happily together.
  • The English and Spanish dubs made Zenigata seem like a tight-fisted person when it comes to money while in the Japanese original, he just asks for his receipts.
  • In the original, Lupin cries to Jigen that Judy was seeing other men. In the English dub, he sobs, "She was two-timing me with a diamond salesman at Tiffany's".
  • In the original, Lupin whistles his own theme music as he enters the building. In the English and Spanish dubs, he whistles something different.
  • In the original, after Fujiko stops being possessed and gives Lupin a cheerful greeting, Lupin says nothing as he sinks into the armchair. In the English dub, he remarks, "Welcome back".
  • In the original, Lupin tells his friends he can't get them out of the sewer because the rocket shoes only work for one person. In the dub, his explanation is that the shoes are out of fuel.


  • The original Japanese voice cast reprise their roles after being absent from the OVA, The Plot of the Fuma Clan. Yuji Ohno, who was also absent in the OVA, returns as composer with this special. This was intentional, as the changes in voice cast and composer were largely responsible for the OVA's negative reception.
  • Manga did not have the rights to distribute the dub in the US and it took until 2014 before the English dub was released in the US by Discotek. This was due to that Geneon considered having the first four TV Specials [6] in their initial plans. Only part of Lupin the 3rd Part 2 and The Mystery of Mamo were dubbed. Manga also did not release the TV Special on DVD in the UK as they lost the rights. The English dub did appear on a Spanish DVD. For the Discotek release, Brady Hartel had to edit the dub audio track to match with the animation and spent many hours as it had to be lined up frame by frame [7].
  • When Lupin and Jigen enter the Three Masons' building, the former is whistling the Lupin III theme.
  • Even though it was unintentional, this is the first English dub where Lupin says "Catch ya later" towards Zenigata that became a running theme in later English dubs that featured Tony Oliver as Lupin.
  • The TV Special was made due to the reruns of Lupin the 3rd Part 2 that were airing at the time gathering high ratings and TMS wanted to target the younger fans who watched Part 2.
  • According to Japanese Wikipedia, Monkey Punch came up with the plotline regarding a computer virus and the idea of Michael being a child genius.
  • The idea of a boy genius was used before in Part III Episode 33; the boy in that episode was even named Mikhail.
  • Some Japanese versions of the TV Special have Lupin being in a more pink/purple jacket [1] however all known International versions of the special have him in the red jacket as it has been color corrected.
  • Reed Nelson came up with the Discotek title as a merger of the original Japanese and Italian home video title "Bye-Bye Liberty" and the International title "Goodbye Lady Liberty". This title is now used by TMS on social media and streaming services in the US as well as the GKIDS Press Kit for Lupin III: The First however "Goodbye Lady Liberty" is still used outside of the US.
  • First 'Lupin III' animation of the Heisei era.

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