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Kyubu Kyubu 17 March 2021

Wiki update(s)

Hello everyone! First things first, I'm Kyubu the second administrator of this Lupin III Wiki. It's been almost one year since I first edited a page on this wiki and I continue to discover things! To resume, I saw that this wiki is very complete by the number of subjects written but it lacks an organization to fulfill its maximum potential. That's why I create this blog post to note all the things I've done and all the things I think I would like to implement to this wiki to have better navigation between all the pages. Of course, if you want to help on these topics go ahead! Any help is appreciated. Note that this blog post is from my point of view. Any suggestion or debate is open ^^"

Lupin III (Music)

This page is called "The Music". It w…

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 23 August 2020

Important Announcement about the Wiki

Hiya. As mentioned from the title, there is some important news about the wiki.

Firstly 291 episodes and all films/TV Specials/OVAs have either a screen capture or an image. The only things that are currently missing are Inspector Zenigata (live action), Lupin Shanshei and Mankatsu however they are obscure and may take some time locating them, they aren't translated into English.

More characters have been done and the ones that haven't been done (or done yet) at least have an image. The music side has been increasing nicely and two new contributors have focused on characters from Lupin III: The First.

Also in terms of the pink jacket (Part 3), it is the most complete source in English of the series. Outside of episodes 35, 40 and 47 that the …

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 12 July 2020

Identify the Lupin episode or moment!

Looking around online some people wonder where that moment comes from in an episode or a film but they don't know which one.

Even though I admit that I haven't seen every episode, film or TV Special, know enough to answer some of these. The first batch of question come from those who watch English dub compilations or common memes while the second is more general.

What's the episode with the bad Christopher Walken impression?

Extremely common especially for American fans since it was one of the few that was aired on Adult Swim. Lupin the Third Part 2: Episode 9 if you watch on streaming sites but Episode 10 in the proper order. Either Steal File M123 or Zenigatacon depending on translation.

For people not watching the English dub, it is due to …

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 27 June 2020

Translation Issues

When it comes to translating, the Lupin the Third series seems trickier than it looks.

Regarding some series, it got to the point where a Lupin III Wiki:Name Variants page was made because the translation including the main characters was that inconsistent and there was no official source because the official sources are inconsistent with each other. While a majority of anime and manga have their creators on their say regarding character names or names in general, Monkey Punch was mostly hands off (even then in the manga many characters don't even have a name, Fujiko was often a random woman in the chapter for a while). In most cases, characters from Part 4 and 5 are handled better because there is some consistency (outside of the Italian d…

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 15 June 2020


  • 1 Which Lupin movie/series should I start with?
  • 2 What order do I watch the series?
  • 3 What episodes/movies/TV Specials are recommended?
  • 4 What is the episode where Zenigata gets kidnapped?
  • 5 What misconceptions does the series have?
    • 5.1 Have to watch 50 years worth of a show and they follow on
    • 5.2 Part 3 is a wacky Looney Tunes styled cartoon
  • 6 What series/movies are dubbed into or are in English?
  • 7 Why isn't this dubbed and will there be future dubs?
  • 8 Where can I watch the series?
  • 9 Where can I read the manga?
  • 10 Will there be another entry to the series?
  • 11 Will this character be in the next series/movie/TV Special?

This is the most common question anyone has for the series.

It is really down to personal preference as Lupin can be anything that you imagine it to …

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 7 June 2020

Roadmap for the Wiki

Usually a progress report would have been made by now, one was planned but sadly was not saved. In short a lot of Part 2 characters were added, some housecleaning and some Part 3 stuff.

Instead a roadmap is going to be made for the wiki. Note that there is some upcoming (not good) news coming on the wiki so this is a good time to mention this.

  • 1 Characters
    • 1.1 Soon on the wiki
    • 1.2 High Priority
      • 1.2.1 Lupin the IIIrd universe
      • 1.2.2 TV Specials
      • 1.2.3 Dead or Alive
      • 1.2.4 Legend of the Gold of Babylon
      • 1.2.5 The Fuma Conspiracy
      • 1.2.6 Part IV
    • 1.3 Future
    • 1.4 Clean Up
    • 1.5 Problems
  • 2 Other
  • 3 Final Words

Currently this is the largest section (outside of the manga) that the wiki needs to have the attention. Since Lupin the Third has been going for 50+ years, there have been lots …

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 27 April 2020

Progress Report - The Quiet Month of April

It's the end of the month and it is another progress report.

Considering due to the virus meaning that things have been on hold even affecting Japan means that the year just got quieter. Just hope people are coping okay, both physically and mentally. Staying at home even for people who are used to it does take a toll on you.

In the US, Discotek is announcing something on the 3rd of May. The wording is the key since they used Third hinting something is coming. The only thing that is possible is a release date of the US 4K release of The Castle of Cagliostro that was teased earlier. It is too early for a release of Prison of the Past but there might be something else entirely (Blu-ray/4K release of Mamo? re-release of an old Funimation release…

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 30 March 2020

Progress Report - March

It's the third progress report and sorry to say that it has done slower than intentional, however it doesn't mean that nothing got done. To people in the US and Canada, hope you'll enjoy Lupin III: The First when it comes out later this year and if you don't... Well there'll be other Lupin things to your tastes (possible future TV series, a new Koike film, the classics you all know and love). I know people wanted a release even since it came out in Japan. Anyway...

  • 1 Poll Results
  • 2 Staff
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Housekeeping
  • 5 Future Plans

It's been over three months and results of the poll are in: 

Red Jacket wins. DEAL WITH IT.

Just kidding, it's all good. It won with 9 votes. Second place is the story focused Blue Jacket with 7 votes. Third place is a three way…

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 24 February 2020

Progress Report - February

It's the second progress report of the wiki and due to recent events, this one had to be made quickly as it would have waited for an important milestone otherwise.

The main focus has been the characters with a majority of Part 1 characters now on the wiki with only Ginko, Rie Makata, Tatsu and the other three from Hunt Down the Counterfeiter left to do out of the main characters. Part 2 is getting along bearing in mind that a chunk of the series come from Part 2 alone. Out of the more important characters, Angelica one of Jigen's loves is recently added along with Melon Ganimard and Hangman. Part 3 doesn't have much but Starmow who also appeared in the manga is included. Since the chapters weren't translated into English, you wouldn't have …

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 25 January 2020

Progress Report - January

Welcome to the first Progress Report of the wiki, they won't happen every month and only if they're important.

First things first, every episode of Part 1, 2 and 5 have an image with one that is in at least 720p. Many of the original images have been replaced for quality reasons. Not just episodes but three images of Koichi Zenigata have been replaced to remove watermarks and for the Part 1 images, an increase in picture quality. This has taken nearly a month to do and well took longer than expected. Some of the older images are ready to be replaced and not removed, don't worry if they are not there. It might take a bit longer to load than it did before but the PNG files are optimised and is future proofing.

Part 1 is now good. Every episode…

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 23 December 2019

Roadmap to 2020

From the looks of things, it is going to be a quiet year in terms of Lupin due to that TMS are focused on other series next year (Dr. Stone Season 2, Megalobox 2) and it is likely that they are going to save until 2021 as that's when Part I/Green Jacket will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Its mainly going to be the 4K Bluray of The Castle of Cagliostro to celebrate its 40th anniversary (in general and the US) and home release of the Last Job, both from Discotek. Lupin III: The First will be shown in Italy and Spain, maybe the US and possibly even the UK fingers crossed. It is likely that Prison of the Past will receive an English dub and a possible TV special.

Not for the wiki however...

2019 was the largest update that the wiki received wit…

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Yawackhary Yawackhary 16 December 2019


Hiya! Welcome to the Lupin III Wiki and I'm your new admin, Yawackhary.

Never thought that this day would actually come but I've finally become an admin on something online. I was actually very surprised personally. Formerly from The Spriters Resource, became a Lupin fan in 2019 and loving the series is an understatement.

Anyway there's a lot to do, a quite large to-do list after all. Characters, more characters, Censorship (yes, Lupin was censored in some countries), gathering as much information as possible and more stuff. A majority of Lupin III related stuff is in Japanese and currently is an issue especially when it comes to the more obscure stuff where there's little information (or better translation of the Part 3 episode names that h…

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Markmossing Markmossing 22 March 2014

I have a question

Um, I have been wondering what episode is this from?
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Shadowdemon57 Shadowdemon57 25 November 2011


Dear Lupin wikia,

i dont think anyone will really read this:but, if anyone does please notice. i have been swamped with work and other things. I will continue to help out the most i can. i bought a lupin the third movie and will watch it and post as much as i can.



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