• Yawackhary

    Progress Report - February

    February 24, 2020 by Yawackhary

    It's the second progress report of the wiki and due to recent events, this one had to be made quickly as it would have waited for an important milestone otherwise.

    The main focus has been the characters with a majority of Part 1 characters now on the wiki with only Ginko, Rie Makata, Tatsu and the other three from Hunt Down the Counterfeiter left to do out of the main characters. Part 2 is getting along bearing in mind that a chunk of the series come from Part 2 alone. Out of the more important characters, Angelica one of Jigen's loves is recently added along with Melon Ganimard and Hangman. Part 3 doesn't have much but Starmow who also appeared in the manga is included. Since the chapters weren't translated into English, you wouldn't have …

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  • Yawackhary

    Welcome to the first Progress Report of the wiki, they won't happen every month and only if they're important.

    First things first, every episode of Part 1, 2 and 5 have an image with one that is in at least 720p. Many of the original images have been replaced for quality reasons. Not just episodes but three images of Koichi Zenigata have been replaced to remove watermarks and for the Part 1 images, an increase in picture quality. This has taken nearly a month to do and well took longer than expected. Some of the older images are ready to be replaced and not removed, don't worry if they are not there. It might take a bit longer to load than it did before but the PNG files are optimised and is future proofing.

    Part 1 is now good. Every episode…

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  • Yawackhary

    Roadmap to 2020

    December 23, 2019 by Yawackhary

    From the looks of things, it is going to be a quiet year in terms of Lupin due to that TMS are focused on other series next year (Dr. Stone Season 2, Megalobox 2) and it is likely that they are going to save until 2021 as that's when Part I/Green Jacket will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

    Its mainly going to be the 4K Bluray of The Castle of Cagliostro to celebrate its 40th anniversary (in general and the US) and home release of the Last Job, both from Discotek. Lupin III: The First will be shown in Italy and Spain, maybe the US and possibly even the UK fingers crossed. It is likely that Prison of the Past will receive an English dub and a possible TV special.

    Not for the wiki however...

    2019 was the largest update that the wiki received wit…

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  • Yawackhary


    December 16, 2019 by Yawackhary

    Hiya! Welcome to the Lupin III Wiki and I'm your new admin, Yawackhary.

    Never thought that this day would actually come but I've finally become an admin on something online. I was actually very surprised personally. Formerly from The Spriters Resource, became a Lupin fan in 2019 and loving the series is an understatement.

    Anyway there's a lot to do, a quite large to-do list after all. Characters, more characters, Censorship (yes, Lupin was censored in some countries), gathering as much information as possible and more stuff. A majority of Lupin III related stuff is in Japanese and currently is an issue especially when it comes to the more obscure stuff where there's little information (or better translation of the Part 3 episode names that h…

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  • Markmossing

    I have a question

    March 22, 2014 by Markmossing
    Um, I have been wondering what episode is this from? Read more >
  • Shadowdemon57


    November 25, 2011 by Shadowdemon57

    Dear Lupin wikia,

    i dont think anyone will really read this:but, if anyone does please notice. i have been swamped with work and other things. I will continue to help out the most i can. i bought a lupin the third movie and will watch it and post as much as i can.



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