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Ami Enan is a character and the co-protagonist of Lupin the 3rd Part 5.


Ami is the daughter of Enzo Bron, CEO of the IT conglomerate Shake Hanz Corporation, and a Japanese woman named Yuko Enan. Her parents divorced amicably when she was still a very small child, and her mother gained full custody over her. When she was six years old, Ami and a group of other young children were kidnapped by child pornographers to serve as photography models and, eventually, "merchandise" for pedophiles. Upon her daughter's disappearance, Yuko committed suicide when malevolent rumors named her being responsible for this tragedy.[1]

However, even at her tender age, Ami demonstrated an unusually well-developed aptitude for computer use and programming. In order to pass the time in imprisonment, she used a discarded computer to create her own computer game. When the gangsters noticed this, they kept Ami and used their programming skills for their own profit. One of her major works in that time was the establishment of the darkweb site Marco Polo and its transaction and payment system.[2]


At first Ami was cold, she worked with technology and just drinked jojo jellies. This personality with that she was a hacker made it hard for her to make friends. When she met Dolma because of some strange traits, they were able to become good friends. Ami deeply cares for her friends like when she went all the way to save Dolma and helped Lupin when he was badly wounded. She doesn't liked her father, but at the end of story their relationship got better.


When she had turned 14, Ami managed to escape her captors and took refuge in the server bank center known as the Twin Towers.[2] Her life-long forced seclusion had made her melancholic and wary of the "real world", and she preferred solitude, keeping in touch with the outside world solely through the internet, mostly by employing her home-made interface module "Underworld". This began to change when Lupin and his associates Jigen and Goemon began investigating Marco Polo in order to fleece them of their ill-begotten wealth. In order to get the pass codes to the site, they tracked Ami down. After she became aware of Lupin's thieving skills, she asked him to "steal" her from her squalid living conditions inside the Twin Towers, in exchange for aiding him in robbing Marco Polo.[3]

While Lupin's plan succeeded, Marco Polo's administrators did not take kindly to being robbed, and they decided to take revenge on Lupin by offering a substantial bounty for his death. As a result, a world-wide manhunt on Lupin by both Interpol and professional assassins ensued, aided by uncaring users posting sightings of Lupin on the net.[3] As the chase went on, Ami was repeatedly endangered, and even wounded;[2] but in time she found the excitement so exhilarating that she finally opened her heart to the outside world. She also found Lupin to be a reliable and caring guardian, and in short order came to trust him beyond her original business arrangement.[4] Following Marco Polo's takedown by Lupin and Zenigata, Ami enlisted at a girls boarding school to catch up on all the real world had to offer to her, including leading a normal life and forging real friendships.[5]

During her time at the boarding school, though, Ami initially found it hard to make friends among her fellow students because of her continued use of her hacking skills, which rendered her an outsider. This changed when Dolma Sinha, the crown princess of the southeast Asian country of Padar, enrolled. Demonstrating an understanding of the princess' eccentric, if benevolent ways, the two girls quickly became close friends. Later on, however, the school was occupied by a terrorist group naming itself the Whales of Liberation. Ami, who was known to the terrorists, was singled out and kept in solitary confinement until she was freed by Fujiko Mine, who had infiltrated the school in order to get Dolma's jewel Bloody Teardrop, one of Padar's national treasures worn by Dolma.[6]

The two women teamed up to liberate the school, independently assisted by Lupin's gang, who had noticed the terrorist takeover on their own, but then Dolma was spirited away by McQuire, an American Secret Service Agent.[6]

Ami went to save Dolma and then helped an injured Lupin with Fujiko.

Then she and Lupin went to once again save Dolma. When they were able to do it, Dolma said to Ami that the man who died was his first love. Ami said to Lupin she loves him.

Ami come to people log and it was revealed that she was CEO's daughter, but his father didn't pay this any attention.

When Lupin was able to reach to their place, Ami's father hold a gun toward Lupin. Lupin took out his too, but his hand was injured. Ami took the gun and aimed at him. Enzo didn't wanted to shoot, but Ami decided to do it. Lupin stopped her, after Lupin's secret was revealed, she analyzed the building and they got out. She decided to stay with her Father. She wondered what kind of people are they. Enzo said they are hero. Ami smiled. Zenigata send a letter to them and it said they go to stay at his place and they went with police helicopter.


  • On her Shake Hanz profile, her nickname is "hedgehog girl" with her profile picture being a hedgehog with green spikes. She has 742 followers however she only follows one person.
  • She is the second main female character in the series to think that Zenigata is Lupin's boyfriend, the first being Rebecca Rossellini.


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